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Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Low fat diet
« on: Dec 08, 2015, 17:26 »
Thanks both for having a look for me.  The main reason for looking at the Acana food was because he eats Acana small dog food at the moment.  And boy have I had problems getting him to eat anything.  Other than, of course what he shouldn't eat ;D!

I'll talk to the vet regarding fat percentages when he comes back to me regarding the second set of results.



Feeding dogs with health problems / Low fat diet
« on: Dec 07, 2015, 17:37 »
I have a 2 years and nine months old male Jack/Parson Russell cross, called Sidi.  He is an active little dog who loves his runs on the beach and gets walked twice a day - around 80/90 minutes each time.  Currently he is fed Acana small dog kibble which includes some oats.  He weighs approx 10 kilos

This is, at last, a food I can actually get him to eat with just a small amount of "extras" to persuade him to finish the bowl.  The amount he has is less than the recommended amount, as, because of some problems we have with him he gets a lot of treats when we are out and about - when he needs them.

So to get to the reason for my post.  Sidi has some marks in his eyes which we thought could be cataracts, so we took him to the vets for a check up.  We were advised not cataracts and are lipid deposits.  Blood tests were carried out because this could be due to various conditions, thyroid, cholesterol, etc.

The initial test results have come back and he has high cholesterol and high triglicerides - no obvious reason, could be idiopathic, further tests are being carried out on his blood for Cushings disease, I think from what I've read though he is a bit young for that although he is obviously a small dog.

When I asked the vet for advice he mentioned Hills (either I/d or R/d can't remember which) or Royal Canin, although he didn't recommend either.  Looking at the results of these foods on here they don't get a brilliant write up - I am considering therefore Acana Light and Fit and I wondered if anyone had any experience of this food, or would recommend anything else.  He seems to prefer foods with an element  of grain - have offered non grain foods and he's refused them.  And he does not like wet food nor anything with a lot of fish in it.

Any advice gratefully received and sorry for long post but tried to include as much info as possible.

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