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Recalls and alerts / Re: Sainsbury’s tinned dog food
« on: May 26, 2018, 12:23 »
I am a bit confused, and frankly curious with regards this food combination?
You normally feed Pure Mixer and Sainsburys Tins -
:-Pure Mixer is expensive and despite me knowing very little about it appears on the surface at least to be very well made.
:- The Sainsburys tins you mention are pretty much at the other end of the spectrum from the mixer you use as they are meat and animal derivatives basic tinned dog food, with the variability of ingredients that this type of food is known for.

I dont know if they would, but they should and they should offer you choices whereas in my experience chain stores offer you their own brands.
If their opinion on whats good and whats not ref ingredients matches this site, then they know - its all about ingredients.
£25 for a large bag is a challenge - but as before Autarky fits well into this price and Acana Prairie Poultry is amazing quality for £36 and you wont use much of it compared to others.
Failing that, find some that fits your price and then compare on here before trying.

Hi, can you tell a bit more about your dog? eg Boy or girl, age, allergies or intolerance, weight.
Is there any pattern to food preference, eg does your dog start on a new food enthusiastically and then go off it or is less predictable?
Which foods have you tried?  What is your budget?

Burns Original is 7.5% oils and fats - their nutrition helpline on past experience is very honest and if they dont have a suitable product they tend to say.
 0800 083 66 96

General dog chat / Re: Super shoppers
« on: May 03, 2018, 11:00 »
LOL..thanks Dottie..... and i have a face for Radio ;-)
Agreed, the interest often springs from issues experienced and hopefully they consult this page and/or visit a good independent shop.

General dog chat / Re: Super shoppers
« on: May 03, 2018, 07:46 »
Unsurprisingly ( like everything on TV) this has permeated quickly into the psyche of the public as fact - we need someone with knowledge and sense to do for dog food what people like Martin Lewis do for financial advice etc  .....any of the moderators fancy a TV career?

It is all pretty complicated - no one single rule for what is good really applies although a "baddies" are easily identified and yet still Bakers sells!!
Probably the hardest part is knowing the quality of the food ingredients - so when your chosen grain free seems to be using sweet potato, in our mind its the gorgeous fluffy cooked middle, but is it just low quality husks imported from thousands of miles away?  How can we tell?
Price is a good guide i suppose, but is it also worth considering the size and the history of the company producing it? eg is Burns "better" than JWB and if so is this because JWB is part of the Mars empire and Burns is independent? Maybe factory visit reviews would be the icing on the cake but how many will allow that to happen

Everybodys idea of cheap is different, so its easier to say what are good options for a big bag price of £x and whether you need grain free etc?
Taking Lillys Kitchen as an example, at full price i find it a very overpriced food compared to long term genuine stalwarts at the quality end of the dog food market like Acana. 
Acanas entry point food (Prairie Poultry) works out around £36 (with loyalty scheme) for a big bag, as long as oats are acceptable to you it is a brilliant food at this price. (available at independent pet supplies only as far as i know, )
Grain free around the £30 mark for a big bag could lead you to Autarky Grain Free; or for around £20 Autarky chicken.
Its horses for courses, why not try an independent shop and tell them your budget and all about your dog etc and see what they can offer you.

Great in depth research..... i hope you have as much fun with your Lab as we had with ours.
When choosing AATU,  did you discount Orijen?
From an ingredients perspective imo Orijen edges it, and the price comparison swings it hugely towards the Orijen also. All good independents should have 11.4kg orijen available below £70

The calcium phosphorus figures i have done as before:-

391.66 calories (kcal) per 100g (food) = 3916 calories per 1000g (kg)

Therefore  1000 calories =  255.36g food.

calcium is 1.4%, so calcium in 1000 calories is 1.4% of 255.36g = 3.57

Therefore there are 3.57g of calcium per 1000 calories of the food.

Phosphorus is 1.1% of 255.36g = 2.81

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 3.57: 2.81. So this means that if you divide both numbers by 2.81 you get the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the food as  1.27 : 1

I have previously compared Orijen Adult Dog v Orijen Senior when they were 80/20 .... from memory there was a negligible difference, only 0.2% difference in one of the ingredients i think  ( i havent seen the figures now that orijen is switching/switched to 85/15) ..... unlike  some other foods Orijen dont go for a low energy version for seniors and both come out at 38% protein so the senior variant shouldnt be causing the weight loss unless it has something to do with the recent recipe change.

Good advice above, ... i would add, that skinners can contain wheat dependent upon the bag (worker 23 for example) .... it could be the wheat causing the  dandruff, the weight... and the apparent lethargy could be that the dog has a constant tummy upset/issue caused by wheat intolerence.
Speak to a good independent pet shop (dog food specialist) and they will outline your wheat free and grain free options - remember to avoid other sources of wheat like leftover pasta, toast, many treats and dental chews etc (read the ingredients and avoid "Wheat" or "cereals" )
Your options could be Autarky  (wheat free and from £20 ,  Skinners Duck as mentioned at around £25 through to high meat grain frees like Carnilove from £45 ... and dont worry about high proteins in this type of food, good meat proteins wont make your dog hyper.
You should notice a difference within 7 days if this is the issue - bear in mind you may need to see a vet if the issues continue.
But please everyone, visit your local independent dog food specialist - they will ask you all about your dogs feeding habits, issues, weight, poo quality, your budget etc etc.... a five min conversation can cover lots and lots...its very very different than a big box retailer/chain store, and bring your dog with you if you can.

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