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Good advice. That's exactly what I did and she (the vet) recommended Yumove!

We feed our dog Acana senior and supplement it with Yumove. Its fair to say it has transformed our dog from being stiff and reluctant to walk far to bounding along. Would highly recommend.

General discussion / Re: NEW RATING ALGORITHM... finally!
« on: May 29, 2019, 08:17 »
Excellent work David! Thanks for all your hard work.  :)

Firstly great that there's another British manufacturer of CP dog food. Secondly and oh dear yet another chicken flavour, no thanks. And thirdly not even grain free contains heat treated rice.

Do these manufacturers ever do any research on their potential market?

Yes, more variety is good. What I would like to see is a range of brown rice ones including turkey, venison and fish.  I have to pick through the current ones because some contain white potato in various forms. I also wish they would sell 2kg or 2.5kg bags so we could give them a change. Many years ago I used to feed JWB and that was one thing I liked about it - the dogs had a regular change of food without upsetting their digestion. 5kg lasts a long time with my two little dogs.

Variety is always good. But I sincerely hope whomever makes these products do some market research and price their products sensibly. Forthglade CP is expensive IMO as is TLC and if Cobbydog think they are seliing me 5kgs for an eye watering £31.50 then they are bonkers!

Its good news. I just hope other manufacturers offer something other than chicken.


My previous offer of a sample of our food still stands if you wanted to give your dog another go on pressed food.

Thanks. Will contact you via PM once we have her foods stabilized again.

Interestingly there's no hurry to use these bags as the best before date is 16th June 2019! So maybe we could revisit CP after a break. Always thought CP food had a short life span.....

Yup tried that. And mixed it all up with wet food. But all to no avail she prefers to go without, its so frustrating. Wish I could ask her what's the problem?

Still have four 1kg bags to use which may have to go to our younger male Lab who is a food machine.

Quick update.

Looks like our CP phase has come to an end, she is now refusing to eat CP food completely. Its unusual for her as she is not a fussy dog. She continues to eat wet food OK and will eat kibble if covered in sardines! But no not the expensive CP food. Sigh   :(

Dog foods / Re: Ash content in dog foods!
« on: Mar 01, 2018, 13:34 »
Just the mineral content of the food. No concerns :)

BTW what is this new food?

Thanks to both of you for all your great advice and wisdom.

One other question to ask about CP food. We went grain free two years ago now (previously on Skinners Duck & Rice) and both our dogs are better for it. But are the CP foods with rice in them different to extruded food? The rice is thermally pretreated and then pressed so does that make it "better" than in extruded food? The question is do we need to remain on grain free with a CP food?

The Lukullus looks good and in Barbary duck form seems to be grain free as well. Might spring for a small bag.
I don't believe it is grain free. The ingredients list includes "rice seed" which I can only assume is a new way of saying rice as rice itself is a seed.

Well spotted! Any other grain free recommendations?


Using the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory here: and changing the "Dog's Size" slider to 30kg, the "Type of food" as only Cold pressed and the "Rating" slider of 3.7 out of 5 stars,  the 6 results with cost per day in order of lowest cost first (another extremely useful ranking available to sort results by!) are as follows:
Markus Mühle Natural Dog Food 93p, Lupo Sensitive 20/8 96p, Lukullus Dry Dog Food 96p, Lupo Sensitive 24/10 96p, Markus Mühle Black Angus Adult £1.06p, Healthy Dog Wild Menu £1.17p.

Thanks for this. Its certainly true that the Forthglade CP grain free is expensive right now. Hopefully market forces may bring the price down over the next few months. However I may need to consider another cheaper brand until then!  The Lukullus looks good and in Barbary duck form seems to be grain free as well. Might spring for a small bag.

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