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Dog foods / Re: Advice wanted re food for three dogs
« on: Sep 23, 2020, 12:56 »
My advice would be to contact a nutritionist and get a specific recommendation. I was in the same shoes as you with two Labradors, tried lots of different foods but nothing quite suited.
Arden Grange have a great nutritionist, highly recommended.
Also Millies Wolfheart have nutritionists who will help you.

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Wet Food Additives
« on: Sep 08, 2020, 16:15 »
To get an idea about dry food carbohydrate level just take the sum of protein plus fat plus fibre plus ash plus moisture and deduct from 100. This gives an approx level of carbohydrate or NFE (nitrogen free extract).

Also not likely to be of much help because with a few exceptions I try to avoid specific dog treats. Mainly because mostly they are far too expensive, per gram more than Orijen dog food. Although your mileage may vary of course. And talking of which Orijen is what I use for my dog treats! A 2kg bag lasts my two for several months.

Dog foods / Re: Private Label , how to get food rating
« on: Jul 06, 2020, 11:42 »
Once again It looks like the generic Golden Acres food again. Sold under many labels but nevertheless good stuff and great value.

Dog foods / Re: Anyone come across Kita's Kitchen food ?
« on: Sep 06, 2019, 08:28 »
Quite a few brands in the UK selling this food but its all the same.
We have two Labs on the same food, we use the large breed turkey version. Heads up though we buy from Working HPRs as its a little cheaper. Our two moved to this from Acana and they appear to prefer it.

Dog foods / Re: Anyone come across Kita's Kitchen food ?
« on: Sep 04, 2019, 11:54 »
It looks like the generic Golden Acres food again. Good stuff and great value.

Dog foods / New High End Grain Free Dog Food
« on: Aug 24, 2019, 10:45 »
Acana, Taste of the wild and Wellness have all announced new high end grain based dog foods. Presumably as some kind of response to the DCM problem they face? Is this just more choice for our furry friends or is there something they know about grain free food but wont talk about?

Dog foods / Re: Exe Valley dog food
« on: Aug 20, 2019, 12:38 »
Looks like another Goldenacres food. Pretty good really and approx. 45% carbs. Believe its cooked at 90C and its extruded.

Good advice. That's exactly what I did and she (the vet) recommended Yumove!

We feed our dog Acana senior and supplement it with Yumove. Its fair to say it has transformed our dog from being stiff and reluctant to walk far to bounding along. Would highly recommend.

General discussion / Re: NEW RATING ALGORITHM... finally!
« on: May 29, 2019, 08:17 »
Excellent work David! Thanks for all your hard work.  :)

Firstly great that there's another British manufacturer of CP dog food. Secondly and oh dear yet another chicken flavour, no thanks. And thirdly not even grain free contains heat treated rice.

Do these manufacturers ever do any research on their potential market?

Yes, more variety is good. What I would like to see is a range of brown rice ones including turkey, venison and fish.  I have to pick through the current ones because some contain white potato in various forms. I also wish they would sell 2kg or 2.5kg bags so we could give them a change. Many years ago I used to feed JWB and that was one thing I liked about it - the dogs had a regular change of food without upsetting their digestion. 5kg lasts a long time with my two little dogs.

Variety is always good. But I sincerely hope whomever makes these products do some market research and price their products sensibly. Forthglade CP is expensive IMO as is TLC and if Cobbydog think they are seliing me 5kgs for an eye watering £31.50 then they are bonkers!

Its good news. I just hope other manufacturers offer something other than chicken.


My previous offer of a sample of our food still stands if you wanted to give your dog another go on pressed food.

Thanks. Will contact you via PM once we have her foods stabilized again.

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