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Raw feeding / Re: Great Site if you Raw Feed!
« on: Feb 03, 2018, 16:49 »
Hi yes that's the site. I was very impressed by the calculator. I'm not a newbie to the site, just the forum. This is my favourite site.

Hi I'm new to the forum, but not the site. I have two Tibetan Mastiffs both raw fed, they are both in great condition, healthy and happy, Vets opinion.
I feed a complete Raw diet already made, and treats of reduced price supermarket meat.
I decided raw 12 months before I got my first TM, I researched for and against. All I wanted was when I got my first puppy he would be everything I have written above.
First of all hygiene is a must, you touch anything belong to your dog you immediately wash hands. Kissing not on or near mouth. Wash dogs dishes after every meal, use a good antibacterial spray for work tops or anything else you have touched.
I am infact immuno compromised, I have done this now 3 years and so far all is well.
My Grandchildren visit as do other family members, they have meals here, play with the dogs. They too have not had problems.
I'm not saying it couldn't happen, of course it could if you do not stick to strict hygiene. I would think everyone feeding a raw diet or preparing one's own meals with meat, would be thorough with handling and cleaning.
I say try it out, if it's not for you, then you revert back. At least you have tried for your dog.

Raw feeding / Great Site if you Raw Feed!
« on: Feb 03, 2018, 16:22 »
This site is excellent for those raw feeding, you can use calculators to check the nutritional value. Then go on to find out how much a day your dog needs, based on weight and daily activity.
pfma is a UK site.

Just add the what's on the label, then calculate how much to feed your dog.

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