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General discussion / Re: Best food for weight loss
« on: Dec 20, 2015, 18:59 »
Dottie, thanks for this!

Since writing I have spoken to my dad.  He is currently alternating two different kinds of dry food.  The Shepherdess one is made by Provimi and the other one is a mix made by our local farmer's feed superstore.  On the back of the latter it says:  protein 21%, fat 10%, crude fibre 3% and crude ash 9%.   Now, I'm not sure if the fat content in that mix is too much or okay.

The dog has only put on weight in the last couple of years, gradually, so I suspect it is the overfeeding of treats (Bakkers treats such as rodeo, smachs??, brekkies, winalot, pig's ear, a cube of cheese, pate in kong, dentastick, etc, etc).  I told my dad that the only one I'm in favour of is the dentastix as it is good for his oral health and that he should cut it into smaller portions so the dog feels he's getting more! 

Anyway, we'll see how it goes and I'll refer back to the replies you and Tinyplanets have kindly offered and take it from in progress, I think! :)

General discussion / Re: Best food for weight loss
« on: Dec 20, 2015, 15:16 »
Thanks for your reply, Dottie. 

I will find out what exactly the food mix is that he is currently on.   Unfortunately I don't live with my parents and am only round once a week.  I think it will have to be a ready made dog food that we substitute as there is no way my dad will cook chicken, or prepare anything beyond opening a tin or scooping out of a bag.  I have to be realistic about what I can coax him to do!! 

Okay, so, another aspect of the issue my had has with stopping all the evening treats is that the dog is used to this routine and my dad says if he denies him the treats then the dog thinks he is being punished.  He also believes that the do is hungry and I've told him that he isn't hungry, he just likes the routine and he enjoys eating the taste.  So I'm slowly working on instilling into him that it isn't cruel to deny him treats but cruel to give him them.  Thus far I've persuaded him to cut down by halfing  each treat, which I think he is doing....but then he brings out the bag of Winalot shapes and the dog gets to help himself.  It really is one of these situations where, once my back is turned, dad reverts to doing his own thing.  The joys!

I had a look at which dog foods our local farm and animal feedstore does.  I notice there are a couple of mixes geared towards overweight dogs.   There is Purina Beta Lite and also Chudley's Lite.  No idea of prices against the current brand he gets, but are these good brands and recommended?

General discussion / Re: Best food for weight loss
« on: Dec 20, 2015, 09:35 »
Thanks for your reply.   I doubt I can get my dad to do any measuring, etc, he is busy and doesn't have the patience.  It would need to be simpler than that - ie: which dog food, etc.  I don't live there and work full time.

The dog turns his nose up at carrots and nylon or raw hide bones and chews.  He wont pay for anything really costly but I could work on him to try and balance a dog food which is perhaps a bit more expensive against buying fewer snacks for him.   I guess the dog food would need to be available locally too. 

Looking for recommendations for a dog food suitable for overweight 10 year old border collie.

General discussion / Best food for weight loss
« on: Dec 20, 2015, 07:44 »
I'm looking for a  bit of advice and recommendations to pass onto my dad for our 10 year old border collie who is overweight.  Unfortunately my dad feeds him lots of treats every evening and is reluctant to give this up.  I am 'working' on my dad and explaining how he is slowing killing him by doing this, etc.  To get to the point, he is currently being fed 'Shepherdess' dry dog food and he's a dog who grazes on this throughout the day but he doesn't eat large portions. 

We need to change his diet and get the weight off him.  Can anyone suggest a dog food with a lower calorie intake and suggest a better feeding regime.  Also, in place of the unhealthy treats, is there something he can be given to chew in the evenings, which he will enjoy but which isn't fattening and perhaps just allow him to have the flavour?   

He gets exercised and walked in the fields every day. 

Many thanks in advance!

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