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Rosie is 6 years old and, came to me around 1 and a half years old with loads of joint issues. She has arthritis and has had both back legs operated on in 2014 / 2015 - 2 X TPLO's followed by meniscus surgery in one back leg. She went back to vet in March who insisted her front legs needed loose chips of bone removing - fast forward to now and she is finally on road to recovery but has gained weight and needs it off again without being able to run! I've just started hydrotherapy and we are walking 4 times a day but need a good recommendation for weight loss food please? She needs to lose 1-1.5 kg - ideal weight 16kg (she is really small build) and she is currently at 17.9kg. Vet didn't have any recommendation just to look around. Rosie currently gets home cooked chicken, beef mince or turkey with aatu or wainwrights biscuits and one denture stick (small on a morning) and 2 Markies as a treat on a night?

Any help appreciated thank you.

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