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I'm really keen to keep with the raw diet because I believe it to be the most natural option for dogs and I'm not keen to feed dried or processed dog food.
 I'd just like to know whether it is likely to be too high in calcium for a large breed or not. I'm really not sure how to check this.

Raw feeding / Large Breed Pup, Raw Diet, too much calcium?
« on: Jul 11, 2016, 15:04 »
Tomorrow my one of my 2 pups, a 6 month old male New Zealand Huntaway is going for X-rays to determine why he's a little stiff and has pain in his hips.
His growth rate has ben extremely rapid (He's 28 kilos already) and he's incredibly gangly and bum high. His breed is not known for hip dysplasia and are certainly not overbred in this country (yet) so I'm hoping it's just growth related and will get better on his own.

However, I have been doing some reading hip dysplasia and all the other possibilities and I see research shows that fast growing, large breed pups should not be fed too much calcium as this can lead to problems such as this.

My question is this, is it likely that a raw diet will have too much calcium? My pups are fed Natural Instinct complete raw food supplemented by chicken wings and ribs and chicken sections. I have extensively researched this diet and felt I was giving them the best possible non processed start but now I'm beginning to worry. I have also been feeding them the adult ones as the puppy option is limited and I wanted them to have variation, plus both pups weren't so keen on the puppy one.

I then read that feeding natural eggshell membrane is recommended for this type of dog, which presumably is a calcium supplement?
I feel thoroughly confused and don't know who to turn to for reliable advice.

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