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Dog foods / Re: Puppy food (2-3 months)
« on: Nov 23, 2016, 13:25 »
Quick reply as off out but I breed labs and would never bring them up on Akela or any other 'any age' food because of the calcium/phosphorus/vitamin D ratios. The vitamin D is important as calcium can't be processed without it.

I start them off on raw minced beef but soon switch them to a large breed puppy food with the correct ratios, I usually look for one that has 1.2/1 ratio or very close. I used to bring them up solely on raw but it took a *lot* of work making sure it was right and when they left me I had nightmares that their new families wouldn't do it properly so I don't anymore as it's not worth the stress! Not much point getting bva X-rays done on mum and choosing the healthiest stud when it can all be undone by bad feeding during their growth period!

It's still important for smaller breeds just not 'as' important as the growth rate will be slower as they don't eat as much, lab pups for example go from an average of 454g at birth to 6 or even 7kg at 8 weeks!

Must get going xx

Dog foods / Re: I'm changing dog foods
« on: Nov 23, 2016, 11:44 »
Hi, I'm new here but just read through this.

I would definitely be wary of an obstruction of some kind, maybe something small that moves around in the intestines sometimes causing more problems than at other times. One of our labs was an object eater, anything and everything. They now think it's a similar thing to OCD in humans, something they can't stop themselves doing.

Anyway she had three episodes of obstruction despite watching her constantly after the first one, I knew immediately as she would refuse a meal and then the vomiting and diarrhoea would start. She was very sneaky about finding and eating things, one of the items I'd never seen before and have no idea where it came from! They xrayed and scanned her each time but nothing showed up until they went in and found the objects, rope and cloth were her main snack of choice.

I'm just wondering if she's eaten something she shouldn't at the day care, a part of a toy maybe?

The other thing I'm thinking is if he's on nsaid meds? Or being given supplements such as golden paste, turmeric etc? Only stomach ulcers can be caused by all of these and vomiting and diarrhoea are both early signs of stomach ulcers.

I assume you've tried little and often meals, if you've tried chicken and rice then expect yellow fluffy type poo as rice is notorious for that! I usually just feed cooked chicken and a little boiled potato. Probiotic dog specific powder is helpful too. I hope he's feeling better soon x

Dog foods / Re: Trilly and Greens
« on: Nov 23, 2016, 10:40 »
Thank you, I will do!

Yes that's why I like these grain free varieties, they can have a change. It must be boring to eat exactly the same thing day after day! I've ordered the venison and the salmon one, they actually sound quite yummy, the Akela smells delicious

Dog foods / Trilly and Greens
« on: Nov 22, 2016, 15:18 »

I'm new here, thank you for allowing me to register and nice to meet you all. Loving the site!

I'm currently feeding my lot on a 50/50 mix of Akela and Skinners Duck and Rice, mainly because one of my labs is extremely allergic to anything with maize in it and Skinners does suit him. I'd love to feed them just on Akela but I have 8 large dogs so the cost is prohibitive, adding the Akela pushes up the daily protein content and lowers the carbohydrate. They get at least an hours hard exercise off lead retrieving and swimming each day, so the extra protein is needed. I do add an extra meal of raw some days as well which helps too.

I've just found a new (I think as not come across it before) completely grain free food from a small independent company called Trilly and Greens which is a similar price to Akela but comes in 15kg sacks instead of 10. This would help a lot. Has anyone come across it before please and if so what did you, and your furry kids, think about it? They do have a website that sells one of their varieties, although for some reason their full range seems to be only on eBay uk.

Thanks x
Just to update I've now ordered two bags of the Country Kibble grain free that has been discussed on here recently so will try that out, thank you as hadn't heard about it before xx

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