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Dog foods / Re: Forthglade
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 18:28 »
Like you Dottie I too am a customer, having no affiliation with the company. With canine hungry mouths to feed, and to maintain the health of dogs, I like to keep abreast of developments in dog food, and that is another invaluable reason to 'dip a toe' into the allaboutdogfood website, as time allows!  ;)

Dog foods / Re: Forthglade
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 17:40 »
Thanks Dottie, yes that is helpful and improves the subject matter around the new title; in addition encouraging others to add anything specific regarding this new thread and so assisting forum readers to learn further helpful information.

Dog foods / Re: Forthglade
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 12:44 »
Yes it's as well to be aware that observations vary (at times considerably!) amongst folks regarding everything.....including availability of food stock.

Without an indepth knowledge of how a company is thriving I'm cautious regarding interpretation, which may, perhaps positively, or negatively, influence others. The internet is a portal of considerable influence as demonstrated in the use of personal social media recently. That said there is factual information available (and in the public domain) should anyone wish to further read about any company.

I apologise in advance if my post sounds rather that is not my intention. Rather, in this instance I'm acknowledging the recent weather conditions affecting availability of food stocks for other manufacturers of both human and animal food stocks.

Dog foods / Re: Help! - Beagle with atopic dermatitis
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 03:27 »
Hello Lewie0205 and welcome to the forum!

.....he's allergic to most foods and treats
Having experienced dogs with various intolerances I can appreciate how difficult (and at times unsettling for both owner and dog  ???) it is, not least discovering a suitable food, yet also to continue feeding a particular diet as an acceptably tolerated one by the dog!

I wonder, have you tried a semi-moist food for him? I've had reasonable success feeding sensitive dogs with a Platinum (Lamb), which is of single protein, a gluten free food, with oils which are cold pressed. Also Platinum foods are put into airtight packaging immediately after manufacturing.

Hello Lise08 and welcome to the forum!
I have a 13 Yr old JRT .....She's been itching herself raw for what seems like months and months. She only itches her underneath.....I feel like I'm not being given enough Information and there are so many different foods out there
Our dogs do worry us at time! I'm wondering if her itching is linked to anything that may have changed maybe relatively recently. For example environmental triggers such as using a different washing powder on her bedding? A carpet powder? Or perhaps a reaction to a change of her diet?

You might also research a 'hormonal' trigger for her itchiness....... I've known a bitch that incessantly scratched herself to the point of wounding her own tail, causing herself hot spots (wet eczema), immediately following her seasons!!

Dog foods / Re: Pure dog food (dehydrated)
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 02:12 »
As a user of Pure's Vegi Plus mixer, I usually have a box available as it's easy to prepare and can be added to raw meat or cooked meat. It's an extra addition of vegetables, fruit (and egg) to add to a dog's meal.

Dog foods / Re: Forthglade
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 02:02 »
...... have zero wet food on their stand.They blame the bad weather in Devon
Yes there has been absolutely awful weather in the southwest of the UK recently with snow affecting a great many deliveries including human food staples of bread and milk; and of course food for animals too.

 How the farmers have managed to feed their animals is a feat to be admired! And one can only stand back in awe of folk in other countries who continue to thrive throughout whilst experiencing continuing weather issues.

Looks like our CP phase has come to an end, she is now refusing to eat CP food completely....... will eat kibble if covered in sardines!
Bless her! I wonder if it may be that the cold pressed food may have been just a tad harder for her to manage in one of her meals. For example cold pressed as a compressed, compact and as a result, harder, pellet for her to bite through and/or swallow by comparison to kibble. 

It may be that she has a sensitive area of her mouth or perhaps a sensitive tooth as this would explain why she has suddenly refused harder food. Dogs can be brave and tough and tend to brazen through life yet it may be prudent to check her mouth to see if anything is awry.
Memories of any discomfort whilst eating could further influence her choice of food (hopefully for a short while) and I'd continue to feed her soft food for now.

Introductions / Re: HELLO
« on: Mar 01, 2018, 21:38 »
Hello Scrooge and welcome to the forum!
And I agree with you Rebecca yes a very good forum!

David has worked extremely hard to create a website of excellent information indeed, to help dogs have a healthier life through wiser choices being made by owners regarding their choice of food. The knowledge shared on the allaboutdogfood website including the forum is marvellous and (aside from the cost of using the internet  ;) ) is FREE.

General dog chat / How cold is too cold ? Brrrrrrr
« on: Mar 01, 2018, 02:11 »
Spring is 'knocking on the door' and yet to utterly confuse nature it is freezing outside!

If anyone is concerned regarding this cold spate (one hopes a warmer Spring will urge it's presence sooner rather than later!) and its effect on our dogs, there is guidance in the table here:

How cold is too cold for a dog to be outside

The source of the information is adapted from The Tufts Animal Condition and Care (TACC) weather safety scale.

As someone who uses those extremely helpful dials which show foods demonstrated diagrammatically as dry weight nutrients, may I mention that the dials are erring for "ZiwiPeak Tins" and "Akela Raw Working Dog Food".

Here are the links:

ZiwiPeak Tins declared as: Protein 8%, Fat 5.5%, Fibre 1%, Moisture 78%, Ash 3% would have Dry Weight Nutrient dials thus: Protein 36.4% ,Fat 25%, Fibre 4.6%, Ash 13.6%    

Akela Raw Working Dog Food declared as: Moisture 68.2%, Protein 12.1%, Fat 10.9%, Ash 1.2%, Fibre 1.2% would have Dry Weight Nutrient dials thus: Protein 38%, Fat 34.3%,Ash 3.7%, Fibre 3.7%

Here's a gentle nudge...... 

So just as the title says.... Please would you spare as few as 2 minutes, (or perhaps more if you'd want to  ;) ) in helping others who view and may be using the allaboutdogfood website forum, simply by adding your information to the following polls on the website:

1) This poll asks "What foods do you feed your dog?"
If you want to help others, you can do so by adding your answer at  the link here:

2) This poll asks "What did you feed your dog 5 years ago?"
 If you want to help others, you can do so by adding your answer at  the link here:

3) This poll asks "What foods do you feed your dog now?"
 If you want to help others, you can do so by adding your answer at  the link here:

4) This poll asks "What type of dry food do you feed?"
 If you want to help others, you can do so by adding your answer at  the link here:

5) And as some of us may be adding to a dry diet for our dogs this poll asks "Do you give your dog toppers to their dry food?"
If you want to help others, you can do so by adding your answer at  the link here:

6) This poll asks "How is your dog's food currently packaged?"
If you want to help others, you can do so by adding your answer at  the link here:

Thank you in advance, as your giving help by sharing information....... and surely that's how we can learn....... is greatly appreciated.  8)

We are fortunate (thank you David) to have another option in the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory, enabling results listed for dog foods which do not contain grain. This is a useful feature to narrow down the overall results by using the filter called "Food Properties" and ticking the box next to the option "Grain free".

Using those options mentioned earlier ("Dog's Size"=30kg,  "Type of food"=Cold pressed, "Rating"= 3.7 out of 5 stars),  with the "Grain free" option the 6 results with cost per day in order of lowest cost first (another extremely useful ranking available to sort results by!) are as follows:

Lupo Sensitive 20/8 96p, Lupo Sensitive 24/10 96p, Healthy Dog Wild Menu £1.17p, Prins Procare Sensible Grainfree £1.22p, Guru Full On Feast £1.52p, Pure Dog Wholesome Meal In A Bag £1.67p

Going back to FORTHGLADE and also the comments from Meg yesterday I have been checking a few facts which I can share on here....
I have a 30kg black lab .....  I currently feed a higher rated cold pressed food and that costs me £1.18p per day

Thanks for this further information, as that sounds to me like a reasonable price per day to feed (a 30kg dog) what is a higher rated cold pressed food,  and it may help others who are in a situation of wanting to find such a food for their dogs.

Using the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory here: and changing the "Dog's Size" slider to 30kg, the "Type of food" as only Cold pressed and the "Rating" slider of 3.7 out of 5 stars,  the 6 results with cost per day in order of lowest cost first (another extremely useful ranking available to sort results by!) are as follows:
Markus Mühle Natural Dog Food 93p, Lupo Sensitive 20/8 96p, Lukullus Dry Dog Food 96p, Lupo Sensitive 24/10 96p, Markus Mühle Black Angus Adult £1.06p, Healthy Dog Wild Menu £1.17p.

When a company launches a new pet food product, in this age of growing internet reliance, through various online options which need  addressing, in addition to the PR involved and various launch platforms, on occasion there are likely to be areas of a website that may be overlooked. I wonder if this may be the case regarding the production changing from Germany to Holland.

 Thus the statement on the website viz "We work very closely with a team of  like-minded dog lovers in Germany to produce our new range of cold pressed natural dry food for dogs" seems to relate to the older range of food namely the 'x named poultry with brown rice' which was made in Germany.

 However, the users of the allaboutdogfood forum are on-the-ball  ;) - thankyou for letting us know AstraNine - as it seems the new range of cold pressed food, namely the 'x named poultry and vegetables' are being made in Holland.

  Dog food ingredients that mention a total meat percentage followed in brackets by the % amounts of dry and amounts of wet, are somehow scoring 'differently' when using the allaboutdogfood Instant Review Generator.   It's worth pointing out that scores are slightly lower if that initial total amount is not mentioned. eg entering the ingredients: 17.5% freshly prepared duck, 15% dried ground duck, Sweet Potato (28%), Peas, Gelatin, Chicken Fat, Beet Pulp (source of FOS), Dried Fruit (2.3%: apples, pears, blueberries, cranberries), Brewer’s Yeast, Salmon Oil (1%), Dried Botanicals (0.6%: Fennel, Nettle, Dandelion), Mannan-oligosaccharide (prebiotic), Egg Powder, Chicory Extract (source of FOS), Dried Seaweed, Camomile, Flaxseed Oil, Glucosamine (300mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (300mg/kg), Yucca,
 Omega-6 1.9%, Omega-3 0.45%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphorus 0.9%, Vitamin A 18000IU, Vitamin D3 1800IU, Vitamin E 500mg, Vitamin C 200mg.
Trace elements (per kg): Cupric sulphate pentahydrate 10mg, Cupric chelate of glycine hydrate 5mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate 100mg, Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 50mg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 70mg, Ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate 35mg, Manganous oxide 50mg, Manganese chelate of glycine hydrate 25mg, Calcium iodate anhydrous 2mg, Sodium selenite 0.1mg. Contains natural antioxidants
generates a score of 4.1.

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