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Thanks :) , we will discuss and decide.

Hi there and Happy Easter everyone! :)

We have problems with our food delivery. The delivery truck( Zooplus use DHL or DPD) does not  give us phone call and sends the bags back to Poland  :'( Does anyone know alternative way to import Lupo Sensitive to Bulgaria?
Now my friend order the food and give the Delivery company office address, so we can borrow from there....So inconvenient...
Excuse my Grammar ;)


    Hello! We successfully introduced the new cold pressed food Lupo24/10, in accordance with the recommendations of Dottie divided into three meals, and afternoon meal was  the new food. My foster  dog changed for three days  the new food, my pointer for a week. It wasn't scary, just normally.
Thank you!
By the way, I found this site There are some more cold pressed food from MARKUS-MÜHLE   ;)

I plan to buy electronic kitchen scale to measure the exact amount :)

Thank you!
 It's much more clear now, I will follow the steps with my dogs ( my GSP Shadow and my foster (Boulevard Mix ;) ) Bella :)

Thank you, Dottie!
The answer from Markus Muehle was from Beate Rothon  ;) , I am impatiently waiting for my  order to come :) I will share our experience, wish us good luck :)

Hi there everyone :) 

I want to switch my dog's food from Arden Grange dry extruded to Lupo Sensitive 24/10 cold pressed. I am not sure about the steps, I have an answer from "Markus Muehle" - "Please do not feed extruded and cold pressed together. You may feed the Luposan in one feed / day , so your dogs digestion system gets used to the food, for a few days.
When you change over , underfeed for a couple of day , so the digestive system settles, before feeding the correct amount around 1.2% of  the dogs weight/ day."
Does anyone have experience?
How to make the change gently, my dog has epilepsy and I don't want to bother him, Lupo Sensitiv looks like the best food for him - it has milk thistle and dandelion to support his liver and kidneys.

Thank you in advance! :)

Hi, Vanessa, my dog has seizures too :/ I  sent an e-mail to Arden Grange to ask them about rosemary extract and their nutritionist Ness Bird answer me that the substance  of rosemary, causing seizures  is removed. It is safe to use their food, my dog eats pork and rice formula, now switching to salmon and rice. Raw feeding is problem for our dogs because it is to heavy for them, if you want you can cook meat and veggies, my GSP loves baked common carp and steamed veggies( carrots, zucchini, celery, potatoes) ;)

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