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Introductions / Re: Murphy, 10.5 week old pointer
« on: Apr 16, 2017, 07:14 »
Ha! She's a German short haired pointer. Her dad is a KC reg dog, mum was a pointer rescue (both vet checked). Murphy was one of 10 and it is supposed to be the one and only litter from those parents.

We are now reviewing the food, reading more  on the forum and trying to make a food decision. It's more complicated than planning my own dinner, for sure  ::)

General discussion / Re: 'Fun' ways to feed your dog
« on: Apr 13, 2017, 10:37 »
Murphy loves her food hidden and I think its a great exercise for a pup to 'hunt' for the meal. I have a couple of kongs in different sizes for her, but she enjoys home-mad toys even more.

I used a big cardboard roll (inside from the bubble wrap roll - looks like a huge loo-roll centre) and made some tiny holes in it. Stuck single treats in all the holes. Made couple of bigger holes which allow spare treats to fall out. Put some treats inside the tube. Put a sock on each of the roll's ends. Endless supervised play time! She loves it as it involved biting, scratching, and rolling around the floor with the tube.

Plastic bottle works on the similar principle but, in addition, makes tons of noise  ::)

Introductions / Murphy, 10.5 week old pointer
« on: Apr 13, 2017, 07:58 »
Hi all!

We're (temporary) london based couple with a georgous and more and more well behaved  puppy. Murphy is currently 10.5 weeks old and developing quicker than I thought was possible  ::)

She's been socialised in our work environment, is happy on the buses and trains (travelling in a bag...). She's currently still learning to love her cage; happy to be in at night and day time when tired... goes in on her !

We're currently feeding her food that breeder had her on (Purina pro plan  :-\) and lots of veg and fruit which she loves to chump on (all raw bits are pooped out and blended, cooked and frozen - I believe - digested). She's having some home made dried liver treats. Her tummy adjust super quick to all that's new. Her poops are quite big though (ummm...) probably due to the amount of fibre but also fillers in her food... looking at higher protein food but struggling to find a good balance... we use her dry food as treats in training so quantity wise we go through a lot (lower quality food allows to feed more of it than high protein one...). As I haven't had a dog before (I did though look after kidneys/1st type diabetic and skin allergies cat) and my partner had one dog before we're trying to be as informed as possible but not to go over the top!

Anyway, it's a welcome thread, therefore huge warm hello! We're definitely here to stay and share experience (and look for the advice!).

Speak soon!

Dog foods / Re: Puppy pointer - food - transition
« on: Mar 31, 2017, 09:43 »
Thank you all so much!
Having thought it all through we will do as advised - stay on purina for 2/3 weeks and gradually transition onto slightly better quality food.

We will socialise her from a very young age as she will be coming to work with us and meeting people every day.

I will introduce us properly in the 'newbies' thread - what a supportive community you all are!

All the best,
Polly and Murphy - the 8 weeks old pup

Dog foods / Re: Puppy pointer - food - transition
« on: Mar 30, 2017, 06:08 »
Thank you so so much for your response! I believe I will be back on the forum as (what's obvious!) I'm pretty anxious owner haha!

Well, we will follow on with the purina for now then. It does make sense to go with it for a bit, and if you say it's pretty well known and used by many - I shall not worry as much! We are considering introducing some home-made foood too (my partner is a nutritionist/chef) therefore she will won't be hungry for sure!

Once again, thank you so much!

Dog foods / Puppy pointer - food - transition
« on: Mar 29, 2017, 21:04 »
Hi all!

We are bout to bring our baby pointer (8 weeks old) home next week and I am struggling to choose a new food for her. She is currently on mediocre quality food (purina pro plan athletic puppy - I cannot even find it here?) - and I think we should switch asap?

What is your experience with switching baby dog's food? I don't want to upset her tummy straight after the move but similarly I know how important those first months are for her development... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Ps. We're thinking of giving her Akela dry food instead, at least for the time when she's a puppy and needs all the best engredients and nutrition... 

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