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I've just re-homed a 10mth old French Bulldog. Only weighs just about 8Kg.  Done the essential vet trip who said she could do with fattening up a bit as we can see her ribs. The previous owner has given me a box of Bakers (I know AWFUL STUFF) and buthers meat loaf. She trumps like mad so I've stopped the wet meat which is working....I had a cocker many years ago but little experience with this breed. Can someone with experience please advise which dry/complete food to try her on for weight gain. I have a big Pets at Home store near me and tried to visit but soon get baffled at the massive choice....I liked the look of Wainwrights grain free Adult Complete which I see has 4.4/5 on the Dog Food Directory

Kind Regards S Jefferson

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