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Just to provide an update.

After 7 weeks on Akela 80/20, my skinny lab has started to put weight on, and stomach / stools are all fine, overfeeding by 10% for her weight.

Will start to dial that 10% back over the next month or so, to monitor if the weight she has gained will stay with her.

After doing some research I've decided to try her on Akela 80/20, they recommend a 15 day switch over, so we will be following that.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will let you know how she goes on it.

Personally I would avoid Royal Canin. I would think that some of the 80/20 foods would be better for weight gain as many are higher in fat. Often they are a little more expensive though.  Are you looking to spend about the same as you do the skinners?

Price point isn't critical, especially if I can find something that she copes with well, but also adds some weight, any recommendations?

Hi all

I have 2 Labradors (working), 2 & 3 years old. I feed them both on Skinners Field and Trial, duck and rice. It seems to suit them both, but the 3 year old, is on the skinny side. I've spoken to the vet and they are happy with her health, but they would like me to try a different food, and they have suggested Royal Canin, but from looking at the info on this site, I'm not sure that the suggested switch is a good one.

I'd say she's about 2.5 kg's off her target weight based on her frame.

Can anyone suggest a dry food that would help her gain that weight ?

Thanks in advance

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