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Are one or two feeds better than three in a 1yo dog?


Is it simply the whim of the manufacturer, or is there a laid down criteria?

Introductions / Oskar the black Cockapoo Puppy
« on: Mar 07, 2020, 18:00 »
Hi, my name is Mike, I found this place through cockapooclubchat
This is a fascinating website, quite apart from being helpful to the likes of me.

We will be picking up Oskar, a black Cockapoo puppy on 14th April. My partner grew up with Spaniels, but they were looked after by parents. We looked after the adult dog for a few weeks at a time. That is the total of our experience.

We would like to gradually change Oskar's diet to Gentle Dog Food. I will calculate how much from this website, though the changeover is complicated by the fact that the breeder feeds him Smart Nutrition Puppy Food, which does not figure here. How do we make the changeover?

Next, although this website gives the amount to feed on a daily basis, for some foods very small amounts are considered satisfactory, but will the dog be satisfied or are fillers toppers required?

Also, if during training he gets lots of treats, should we reduce the food, how would that be calculated?

Thanks for any help

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