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Introductions / Feeding guidelines help, please
« on: May 15, 2020, 16:06 »
Hello, I'm a new member and would welcome some advice.

I switched my 14 month cockapoo from cold-pressed to a top quality canned (which doesn't appear here) about 2 months ago. I fed her the recommended amount, but, when weighed prior to being spayed, about a month later, she'd lost about 700-800g. Her previous, ideal weight was about 7.6kg. I gradually increased the amount from the recommended 240g per day to about 420g, but, when she was weighed 2 days ago, she'd gained less than 100g. Her weight was constant on her old food.

The recommended amount on the tin is 3% of body weight. However, I found an online calculator to roughly work out the calories per 100g, which amounted to 97. This also said that a 7.6kg dog needed about 477 calories per day, which, if I've worked it out correctly, is about 490 grams per day.

If the calculator is correct and the feeding guidelines wrong, that's fine; otherwise, I'm a bit concerned as to why she needs so much food. Blood tests are OK and she's wormed regularly. Below is the contents of one of the varieties she has and I'd be grateful for any views:-

    Turkey meat and offal 52% (muscle meat 49%, heart 19%, stomach 14%, throat 9%, liver 9%)
    Turkey meat broth 20%
    Coley 15%
    Parsnip 8%
    Apples 2%
    Hempseed oil 1%
    Eggshell powder 1%
    Watercress 0.5%
    Spirulina algae 0.5%

    raw protein 11.40%
    fat content 4.90%
    raw fibre 0.60%
    raw ash 2.00%
    calcium 0.20%
    phosphorous 0.14%
    moisture content 76.70%
Free of synthetic additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers Gluten free and GM Free

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