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All about cat food / All about cat food.
« on: Sep 28, 2014, 18:12 »
Lots of people have asked about cat food.  A lot of the top rated dog food manufacturers also have a cat food range. Eden (dry) and Nutriment (raw) both supply for cats.
Hope this helps.   I use both of these Foods and would recommend both.
Otherwise just research the dog foods spec. and see if a cat food is also available. Check the cat food label before buying though!

Introductions / Louise & Skye The Whippet
« on: Sep 14, 2014, 09:31 »
I am Louise.  I have a 2 year old  Whippet.  I am from the Surrey area.
I have owned a Miniature Poodle (a family pet from the age of 16).  My parents fed this on supermarket tinned food and I remember the dreadful smell of it!
I have also owned 2 Boxers.  They were fed on Eukanuba from puppy to old age, going through the formulas.  One dog had a  healthy life and only had vet visits in the last few years.  The other had many health problems and lived to 10.  Dying of a brain cancer and also had other cancer lumps and many other health problems. 
I now own my Whippet.  She is so fast!  I currently feed Nutriment (raw) she only likes the beef and salmon varieties.  You can buy the Veg only and mix your own meat, so I do that sometimes.  If my dog has been on a longer walk she is extra hungry and I top up with Eden.  Eden is safe to mix with raw (some dried are not!).  Eden entirely does not suit my dog, it is too rich for her.
The breeder had put her on Hills and I knew I did not want to carry on with this food and knew I had to do some research.  This is when I found this site and have never looked back!
I am really looking forward to helping people on the Forum.
I am amazed at what David has achieved with this site (and his work highlighting the profit makers in this industry that have no compassion for the health and well being of our beloved pets).  I still love  comparing the different foods!
Bye for now.  Louise   :)

Raw feeding / Raw Feeding
« on: Sep 12, 2014, 15:38 »
My dog is now 2. She has been on Nutriment since 10 weeks old.  It is really suiting her.
The Salmon seems to leave her hungry compared to when she has the beef (she does not like the other meats.  She also prefers the food when it is only just defrosted.  She will refuse to eat the food if it is more watery or not really cold.  ie straight from the fridge.  Does anyone else have any feeding issues/comments with raw please?

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