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I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a just turned 14 year old neutered dog called Jack. He is a miniature x toy poodle crossed with a German Spitz. Not long after I adopted him 4 years ago he was diagnosed with Struvite and Calcium Oxalate stones, so he was put onto Hills C/D Multicare dry food. We monitored these through regular urine exams and ultrasounds, until it got to a point where he had 2 stones on the brink of merging into one very stone that would cause a blockage so we opted for a Cystotomy. This went well and since he was been regularly scanned/urine tested and it's shown he generally has minimal 'grit'/crystals in the bladder and none visible from the urine exams, although his pH has a tendency to be slightly too alkaline around 7-7.5 mark. I've had no concerns though really and he did well on the diet. At the same time his stones were discovered incidentally we found he also has sludge in his gallbladder (has had a gallbladder mucolele in the past but there was no sign of that in the past year or so on his scans) and his liver has a lesion on it. He is on Destolit daily for these problems, alongside very high ALKP levels on his bloods. He has full bloods, urine exam and ultrasounds every 6 months and for the past few years these have all come back very similar/nothing concerning.

Beginning of last month he became acutely unwell after a suspected fall, he had neck pain but was refusing to eat and vomited as I took him to the vets. The vets suspected pancreatitis (either was building up or caused by the fall ie in pain/a shock/not eating). His bloods showed off the scale Amylase levels, very high Lipase and Pancreatic Enzyme. He was put on treatment for this and pain relief/strict rest for his neck, for the first week I fed him Hills I/D Low Fat Tins and he was only sick twice at home and improved very quickly. I prefer him to have a dry food (he drinks plenty of water from his water fountain) so I moved him onto the dry biscuit version of Hills I/D Low Fat. However, his tummy then began gurgling after he eats, his faeces became loose/wet and he looks uncomfortable after eating and did vomit once. He is very keen to eat, eats all the food and is otherwise moving really well know and back to normal. I decided the Hills I/D might not be right for him so made the change slowly back to his Hills C/D and he has improved.

He was back at the vets yesterday for a recheck and to have his bloods rechecked. His glucose was quite high, and in hindsight had been getting gradually higher for a while. He has also been drinking more so I am handing a urine sample in tomorrow as he may now be diabetic. His PSL and Amylase levels were back down to normal, however his Lipase was still high. His bloods also point to inflammation somewhere and we are suspicious of his gallbladder having gotten worse/a possible tumour somewhere. He is having an ultrasound to further investigate.

In the meantime I am doing lots of research into his diet, he needs a low fat, easily digestible, bladder friendly (low phosphorus, magnesium & calcium), diabetic (possibly!) friendly senior dog food? I have looked at Hills and Royal Canin and they  have a few options.

Hills W/D
Or if we prioritise the other issues over the bladder, Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low  Fat or Diabetic.

I know these brands aren't actually supposed to be that good, but I think with his health problems I'm scared to chose a different brand but if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly received.

Thank you

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