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General discussion / Peas
« on: Oct 13, 2014, 15:23 »
I've just read David's latest Facebook post, about peas. I can't reply there since I refuse to join facebook, but it made me think and I went to the directory to do a bit of research.

When I introduced myself here I said it had taken nearly a year to find a food that agreed with the Little Cav - he had intermittent loose stools, gurgly tummy, runny eyes and gunky ears whatever dry food I tried, and I only tried high-rated foods. He was also slightly underweight. Well I've just checked and all the foods I tried contained peas in some form.

When I decided to try him on a raw diet I gave him Natures Menu, which also contains peas. His tummy was a little, but not completely, better while his ears and eyes were no better at all. The peas in this, of course, were whole, and I did notice that most of them seemed to pass through him undigested. Now I'm wondering if that was why his tummy was a little better.

Finally, I switched him to Nutriment, the first food he'd ever had containing no peas at all, and all his problems had gone within a few days.

Of  course it could be a coincidence, but I don't much feel like trying him on peas again to test the theory...

Anyone else noticed anything similar?

General discussion / Acrylamide
« on: Sep 19, 2014, 11:44 »
I just received this link via Twitter...

This is something I hadn't heard of before, very worrying for anyone who feeds kibble.

General dog chat / Personal Hygiene Problem
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 17:21 »
Don't worry, ladies, I am not referring to myself  :o - this is strictly a doggy hygiene problem.

Now the little cav is approaching maturity, the hair on his tummy is beautifully long and silky. Unfortunately, so long that it really is impossible for him to pee without getting it wet, esp when he produces just the few drops that every male dog knows are essential for marking purposes.

Sadly this has had two results. Firstly he has acquired the nickname 'Smelly Belly', and secondly I am extremely reluctant to rub his tummy for him, however nicely he asks.

I've tried wiping him with baby wipes and doggy wipes after each walk, but they don't entirely remove the smell and seem to make the stickiness even worse. I'm reluctant to bath him more than once a week, and while I could clip the hair it would be a shame to do so as it's so lovely and I don't mind combing it daily. So I'm thinking of a dry shampoo. Can anyone recommend one that works, and doesn't have any nasty ingredients? Or any other suggestions?

General dog chat / Dognition
« on: Sep 17, 2014, 12:11 »
I was just wondering, has anyone else here joined Dognition? I had great fun playing the games with the Greedy Little Cav, and learned a lot about him - actually, I learned quite a lot about the latest research into how all dogs think too.

I thought it might be interesting to compare our dogs' results and profiles if anyone has.

You can find it on dognition dot com, if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

(Shame I don't seem to be allowed to post a link, the /seehowitworks page is the most informative) (Hope I haven't broken any rules posting big hints!)

Introductions / Hello from George
« on: Sep 15, 2014, 18:23 »
Hello everyone,

Having sat here for 5 minutes wondering what on earth to say about myself, I have come to the conclusion that I'm not very interesting! My dogs, on the other hand, have all been interesting.

I've owned at least one dog, sometimes 2 or 3, at a time, for most of my life, and as I'm now retired that's a very long time and quite a lot of dogs, from mixed-breeds to standard poodles, labradors and terriers. My latest and currently only dog is a very cheeky little cavalier boy, who has turned out to be the most difficult to feed of the lot - he'll eat anything and everything but it's taken nearly a year to find a food that agrees with his tummy (and ears, and eyes.....). I think he's finally settled on Nutriment, fingers crossed.

My huge thanks to David for the website, which has taught me far more than I realised I needed to know and been the most invaluable help in getting my little boy settled at last, and now for this forum, which I'm sure will be both interesting and useful, especially for facebook-refusers  like me.

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