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Dog foods / food advice please
« on: Feb 15, 2016, 11:12 »
Hi, I would welcome any advice from anyone. My Lab Mica is 7 and has recently been spayed. The vet said to keep a close eye on her weight now she has had the procedure, although all her adult life I have struggled with her weight. She is currently on Simpsons senior/light and is on the lowest of the RDA. I initially chose this food for Marley my cocker who was nearly 12 and as  it was the senoir/light decided Mica could also maybe benefit from it. Sadly, I lost my Marley on Wednesday to prostate cancer, so have decided to pick a food specific for Mica now.  Her weight is currently 25.5kg and, as she is a small lab the vet said has a target weight of about 22kg. I did ask the vet for advice but was only advised to feed the 2 foods they stock which is Hills and Royal Canin. My younger 2 dogs are on simpsons 80/20 fish and doing very well on it (although my youngest still has itching issues but thats another thread!)
I have searched the forums and read the threads i have found and also used the search tool for the foods. I seem to be finding that all those that have a lower fat content also have a high carb content, but surely carbs are as bad? I have to confess the more i read the more i am confusing myself so have decided to write my first post and ask for advice and suggestions  :)
To add, Mica has never been a very active dog, she has along with my other 2 dogs, 2 walks a day but whereas they runa bout and are very active she rarely breaks into more than a trot. Treat wise she has the dried fish cubes but only a couple a day, and raw veg. Thank you in advance.

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