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« on: Jun 18, 2015, 09:28 »
We have a lovely smooth collie bitch but were having trouble finding a food that suited her in that her stools were inclined always to be soft and sometimes quite loose. We tried a number of kibbles but none were completely satisfactory. We also tried raw feeding having researched it thoroughly on the internet and in books. Short term this seemed to be the answer but our dog always ended up being ill probably from an infection from the raw food. We tried both ordinary butchers meat and one of the well known branded raw dog foods and the result was always the same. If anyone is thinking of trying raw feeding I would suggest proceeding with caution and don't be mislead by the almost evangelical fervour of the raw food enthusiasts. The old adage -if it seems to good to be true, it probably is - is worth bearing in mind. We ended up at a local pet shop and asked the owners advice. He suggested Burns and with some scepticism I bought a bag to try. The recipe for the food seemed just too simple to be any good, but it was. Within a couple of days there was an improvement. We have now been feeding Burns for several weeks with no problems at all and our dogs stools are firm and she only 'goes' a couple of times a day. Burns has a good website and they can be telephoned for advice. I have found them very helpful. If you have a problem with your dog's food, give Burns a try, it might just be the right one for your dog to. We also have a 14 week old pup and he is also on Burns with no problems.

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