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Dog foods / What to feed my puppy
« on: Jul 22, 2015, 04:36 »
Hi I am really confused. I want to feed my 17 weeks old border terrier with the best food available.Poppy is very happy active playful little pup. At the moment she is on happy dog junior medium which l am not that happy with. She has got a bad wind and she is not that interested in it anymore.  I am looking at Eden, Gentle and Vets kitchen. I read different things about 80/20 and brown rice in puppy food and it is just making me more confused. Poppy loves to chew so l do give her billy and margott venison bones to chew on. How much would that affect her total intake? Can anyone give some advice or recommendations  on food and treats as l never had a border terrier before.Thank you.

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