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General discussion / Fussy eater
« on: Aug 02, 2015, 18:41 »
My 12 week French bulldog pup has become extremely fussy with his food after having his 2nd vaccination and microchip last Thursday.  I have been feeding him Royal Canin (as recommended by the breeder) and started the change over process to Millie's wolfheart which was going very well until Thursday. Now he doesn't want either food.   I've been wetting with warm water and picking the food up after 10 minutes and still no luck.  I've also tried to entice him with minced chicken and tripe and he still isn't interested. At best he might eat a very small amount but nothing more.  Other than that he is absolutely fine- running around playing, drinking etc but I am getting a bit concerned as he was a hearty eater before and is starting to lose weight.  I don't want to change his food as I really don't want a fussy dog when it comes to food.

Any ideas?

Hello all,
I would be most grateful for your personal opinions/experience to help me make an informed decision about choosing a dry complete food to feed my new 10 week old French Bulldog .  I appreciate there will be many different views and suggestions e.g. why not BARF/Raw etc but I want to focus on complete foods only.  The breeder recommended I feed my pup Royal Canin Junior but I was shocked with the review on this website considering I can get a better food at about the same price.  I have concluded that I will continue with Royal Canin for the next few weeks to prevent stressing my pup/help him settle and slowly transition him to another complete food.  I haven’t identified any issues so far with Royal Canin as I suppose that is all he has been used to but if I can provide him with a better food I certainly will.

Like so many it would appear, I assumed feeding a well packaged and reasonably expensive foods such as Royal Canin, Science Plan, Eukanuba and others meant I was providing my dog with a complete food that was good, one I could afford and more importantly a food recommended by breeders and vets.
It would be really helpful for your personal opinions on what complete foods I should consider along with your experiences choosing a complete food for your pup/dog.  Once my pup reaches about 12 months old I will add tripe/beef mince to any complete I buy once a week as a treat.

Lastly I don’t want to pay anymore than about £60 pm for a complete food.  The food directory is a great and a useful tool but I would like to add some personal opinions to the mix before I make a decision.

Many thanks in advance for any opinions/experiences shared.

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