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Hi everyone, just checking my quantities and recipies for home cooked food.  Natures Menu recommend one third mince, one third fruit/veg and one third low starch grain (brown rice oats or potato) and 2-3% of bodyweight per day.

Would sweet potato be a veg or would it be low starch grain?

Also, is 33% protein enough as some of the home cooked and raw menus are 60% protein and Natures Menu complete meals are 45% protein?
Many thanks

Having recently started feeding a mixture of Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken and home cooked food with Natures Menu Mince and vegetables, my dogs are eating approximately one third of the volume they used to eat with a commercial kibble (I have worked out the daily requirements for the weight of the dogs and am feeding correct amounts).  They are much keener to be fed  as they run off to the utility room for their breakfast as soon as I come downstairs in the morning, and at 4pm they are doing the same.  I am concerned they are hungry as the volume is much less and wondering whether to add additional fibre to fill them up??

Introductions / Hello from Gill and Luca and Pippin
« on: Sep 16, 2014, 14:30 »
Hi everyone,  I have a German Shepherd called Luca and a Jack Russel called Pippin.  I have been considering changing from commercial kibble for some time, but when Luca recently broke a leg, which ended up being amputated four weeks ago, I decided he not only needed good nutrition but a feed without additives to try and reduce his anxious behaviour  (which was the cause of his original accident), and the need to keep weight down now he has three legs .   Pippin has always been a scratcher and licker, so hope it will help any possible irritation.   I have been feeding Natures Menu Raw (but gently cooked to be on the safe side following his surgery) and Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken.  I like the ethics of both companies and the dogs love their new food but I will keep researching and reading the comments on this site as it is only the beginning our our 'natural' journey.

General discussion / Dental Plaque
« on: Sep 16, 2014, 14:17 »
Having recently changed from kibble to a combination of Natures Menu (Raw) and Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken (compressed) do I need to give my GSD and JR anything to clean plaque off teeth?  Natures Menu recommend raw bones for teeth cleaning, but I gave my GSD one of their ducks necks and it was gone in about 30 seconds (not much chewing went on!) .  The Lupo is not crispy like kibble so I guess it may not clean plaque (and there are many differing opinions of whether kibble actually cleans plaque or not).
Anyone have any thoughts?

PS they love both meals - can't get enough of it and I use the Lupo for training treats as well.

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