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Dog foods / Help! What do I feed my dogs?
« on: Sep 12, 2015, 20:03 »
I have two dogs my first is an 8 year old siberian husky and we really have to watch what she eats if she has anything other than chicken it gives her diarrhea. She is also sick a lot and not really into eating. She had a cancerous lump removed 2 years ago but as far as we are aware she's cancer free now. She's currently on pedigree chicken and rice. She's also had baker's in the past.
Our second is a 9 week old chihuahua pup. Which at the moment is having tinned dog food mixed with beta puppy food. This is what the breeder gave us.
I know a lot of people are now choosing to go raw but I think I'd find it difficult and I'm not sure it would be right for my husky. So I've looked at dry dog food and I'm now aware the food they are currently on is shit and bad for them. I've looked at a few different brands like lily's kitchen, millies wolfhart, aatu, canagan, akela and eden but now it's which one do I try. I know that grains are bad and none of the above have grains but now I'm confused by the meat and vegetables percentage. Are they better on one that contains 80% meat and 20% vegetables & herbs or does it not make much of a difference? I just want the best for my dogs but without going raw. I don't mind about the cost as long as it's worth it and if at all possible could I get one bag that can feed both?
Any help will be much appreciated. 

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