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Dog foods / Confused about food
« on: Oct 26, 2015, 11:33 »
Hi ... I am hoping someone can give me some advice about dried complete dog food.
We took in a stray Westie at the beginning of September. She was in a very bad condition... Dirty, smelly, long hair and nails etc and a very baggy tummy. We think she had been used for breeding.  After door knocking, social media, posters etc as well as visits from the the local dog warden and the subsequent 28 working day wait, we have fallen in love with this dear little doggie.
When my daughter bought her home it was late and I only had 5 minutes before the local store closed! They only brand name they had was Bakers - as I didn't know how long she would be with us, I got a small box.  She didn't really eat much at all for the first week or so. I tried Iams too but she liked that even less. I started reading on this website about which brands are best and am very confused! I've stuck to dried because I've read it's better for their digestion. I'd like to get it right ... I've stayed away from wet food - I have a feeling that this will affect her output ... Which I'd like to be manageable.  It's pretty soft at the moment. I read on here that Chappie got got reviews for sensitive stomachs, so I gave that a go too but wow that made her windy and she didn't really like it much! So I'm in a bit of a pickle about what to feed her.  She's off her food after being spayed this week - so it would be an opportunity to try something more appetising for her.  She's being spoilt with fresh chicken - which she loves!  I realise that I can't keep changing the food as this in itself will cause problems for her digestion. I have been using bakers as the base and adding chappie. To be honest Bakers is what she is eating most of. The vets face said it all though when I told him what I was feeding her! I don't mind paying a bit more to get it right for her but wouldn't be able to go to the. £40 plus bags of food.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm new to being a dog owner but so far am besotted with my new best friend !

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