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Dog foods / Platinum Iberico - pork?.
« on: Nov 05, 2015, 12:58 »
Hi All

I have an elderly dog (18) who picks at kibble- he wolfs down wet too fast usually and ends up vomiting...i tried a slow feed bowl and he tipped it over in his haste to get to the wet.

When adding water to the kibble he just ignores it and i end up throwing a lot away.

I saw on another site a product called iberico pork and greens and got hold of a sample, he loved it and because it is pieces of meat he couldnt wolf it and wasnt sick.

However given he has arthritis (under control with yumove and salmon oil) i am always wary about omega 6 levels and reducing omega 3 levels

Also i am unsure about pork as a main protein source?. I am sure my vet has cautioned about pork before.

The site says iberico pork is 'healthy pork' but doesnt list omega levels etc. I also think '70% fresh pork' is only about 20% when dehydrated?

The ingredients are below, what do people think?


Ingredients Adult Iberico+Greens dry food

Fresh pork meat (70 %, Iberian pork only), potatoes, dried fish, dried apple pulp, salmon oil, olive oil cold-pressed, flaxseed oil cold-pressed, dried vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, lucerne, broccoli), green tea, orange extract, grapefruit extract, dried brewers' yeast, green shell mussel extract, rosemary, milk thistle seed, dried fennel, sarsaparilla root, dried wild celery, dried artichoke, nasturtium, camomile tea extract, dandelion, dried gentian, yucca, potassium chloride.

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