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General discussion / Best food for weight loss
« on: Dec 20, 2015, 07:44 »
I'm looking for a  bit of advice and recommendations to pass onto my dad for our 10 year old border collie who is overweight.  Unfortunately my dad feeds him lots of treats every evening and is reluctant to give this up.  I am 'working' on my dad and explaining how he is slowing killing him by doing this, etc.  To get to the point, he is currently being fed 'Shepherdess' dry dog food and he's a dog who grazes on this throughout the day but he doesn't eat large portions. 

We need to change his diet and get the weight off him.  Can anyone suggest a dog food with a lower calorie intake and suggest a better feeding regime.  Also, in place of the unhealthy treats, is there something he can be given to chew in the evenings, which he will enjoy but which isn't fattening and perhaps just allow him to have the flavour?   

He gets exercised and walked in the fields every day. 

Many thanks in advance!

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