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Introductions / allergies
« on: Feb 02, 2016, 17:02 »
 Im new to the forum, but have used this site to find out information. Its been a godsend, my beautiful chocolate lab has now had a second bout of allergic reaction.  :(  Vets are not sure of the cause. But personally, im beginning to think its food related . As shes been on food that has lots of cereals in and had eaten some bird food with maize in.! SO after lots of research weve  now put her onto Akela. Its early days for her at the moment as were starting transition over from today. But fingers crossed, were hoping that a hypoallergic more natural food will help. Just wondering if any others on here have had similar problems and what helped for you guys. She came out in hive type spots on her face and tummy, is now coming off off steriods and seems to have settled down so far.  :)  Any advice would be appreciated thanks

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