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Dog foods / Advice on puppy food please
« on: Feb 28, 2016, 20:57 »
Hi if anyone could help please I would appreciate the advice very much. We have a 18 week old border collie and the breeder original feed his pups on burgess which we tried to begin until one day he didn't want to eat it anymore and he always loves to eat lol. We went to one of the local pet shops which is part of a feed making company and they gave me some of there own product to try. Which to be fair he loves and we can even use as treats for training. Due to coming to the end of a 15kg bag I'm now questioning if it's good enough quality or should I try anything else. The name and ingredients.

Hj lea oaks nurtura puppy-junior
Poultry meat meal (min 30%), maize, meat and marrowbone meal, poultry oil, barley, rice, dried Brewers yeast, dried seaweed, dried egg, vitamins and mimerals.
Contains ec approved antioxidants and preservatives.
Antioxidants bht (e321) preservatives calcium propionate (e282) citric acid (e330)

Thanks  to anyone that takes the time to read this post and responds.

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