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Raw feeding / Dog has gone off Raw food
« on: Mar 16, 2016, 11:42 »
Hi! I am after some advice please! My dog had some digestion problems so I switched her to a raw diet (natures menu nuggets) which she initially really liked and was getting on very well with - nice solid stools etc.... She did seem to get very thin though and one day ate a big mouthful of dog poop on her walk (which she hadn't done before). I guess this was as she was hungry and perhaps not getting enough food (although I was feeding her over the guidelines to try to get her to put a bit more weight on). When she got home she went to have a mouthful of food and then threw up - a lot! I put this down to the massive poop she had decided to eat beforehand but it seems she now associates the raw meat with the vomiting as she won't touch it any more. (My guess anyway)I have tried her on different proteins and have a freezer full of food she is refusing to eat! I tried the tough love approach and took her food away until the next meal time a couple of times but I was reluctant to carry on with this too long as she is tiny (jack russell x chihuahua - 4kg) and I am concerned about blood sugar levels dropping too low if she doesn't eat often enough. She is super active and athletic and burns a lot of calories and always seems hungry. I have switched her onto a high quality canned meat (canagan) which she loves but some of her old tummy problems seem to be resurfacing. I basically would like her to be back on the raw food as this seemed to be the best for her digestion but I cannot get her interested again. I have tried mixing bits in with her canned food which worked to start with but she wised up and picked around it! I have tried to lightly cook it, mix in raw veg which she loves.....I also thought that the dog poo eating episode might have been to do with her missing probiotics so she has green tripe mixed in with her food. Any advice on how to proceed? Should I try the tough love approach again and stick to it for longer? Am I missing something that may be causing her problems? She went to the vet before I switched her initially and got some antibiotics and prokolin which cleared her up. They weren't really sure the cause of her problems - she is only 1 1/2 years old so underlying health problems seem unlikely - they thought maybe something in her diet which is why I switched (she was previously on canagan dried food) She was doing well on her new raw diet until the poo eating episode! Sorry it is a bit of a rant but I tried to get as much info in as possible! Please let me know if you have any advice  :)

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