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Dog foods / Puppy food (2-3 months)
« on: Mar 17, 2016, 13:19 »

Sorry for making a separate post about puppy food, but the posts I've read so far on the forum have been for puppies older than 3 months old. I've started to educate myself on different types of dog food, but I admit I'm still a bit confused and would appreciate some recommendations.

I got my puppy 1.5 weeks ago (he's now 9.5 weeks old). The breeder was feeding him Eukanuba dry food, and recommended it to me, so I originally kept him on Eukanuba. Then I read about the benefits of grain-free foods, and I eventually switched him to a diet of mostly "Akela 80:20 - Original Recipe". I am mixing it with a bit of Eukanuba as well, as I'm still not clear on whether grains, in small quantities, might be good for puppies (though most people seem to indicate that they are of no real nutritional value. Also, my partner is allergic to fish, and mixing the Akela food (which contains a bit of fish) with something else, is the only way that he can tolerate the smell.

I am happy with Akela, but I've read negative comments about Eukanuba, so I'm considering switching it (mixing Akela with another brand). What would you recommend please, considering it can't be something with a fishy smell? A better grain-based dry food? Or another grain-free food?

(Another option I am considering is mixing the normal Akela one with "Akela Suffolk Duck", which does not contain fish, but that doesn't sound like a very varied dry food option)

Thank you.


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