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Dog foods / Puppy feeding advice please!
« on: May 01, 2016, 18:21 »
Hello all,

Long time lurker, first time poster here!

Proud owner of a very spoilt 4 month old Jack Russell. Currently on the raw Luna & Me Puppy Power Little Dinner patties but not all that enthusiastic about eating them. I had bought a small bag of ZiwiPeak to try her on which seems to have gone down ok.

Here lies my problem- we have an 8 week old English setter coming next week- two puppies, yes I know I'm mad.

I Don't think I'm being ridiculously fussy but I have a few creiteria and wondered if you guys had any ideas;
1) a food both dogs can have

2) something that doesn't take up my entire freezer (at 3kg my JRT doesn't eat vast quantities of the Luna & Me so the storage isn't an issue but with a larger pup up on the way this is going to be a problem)- so realistically raw is out of the window

3) having done my reading and research, I'm not keen on the idea of dry extruded food/kibble due the depletion of nutrients etc- am I right in thinking this?

4) open to the idea of cold pressed, freeze dried, air dried etc

Having said this- ZiwiPeak is going to end up out of budget for both dogs

Any bright ideas? I want the best for my dogs and although I can't be spending ZiwiPeak territory I'm certainly not down the bakers/pedigree chum end of the scale! I've been in the dog food directory but it's a minefield!

I'm also not sure whether I need to be looking for a specific puppy food- if you look at the ingredient breakdown there doesn't seem to be a vast different once you're in "premium" territory

Sorry for the bombardment- just want to get this right!


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