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My lovely Lurcher, although actually she is my son's, as he was given to her when he was 10 and she was a puppy! And has looked after him ever since.
But I'm the one mostly responsible for food, and health, and some walking, as he works away a lot now.

She is 11,  (mum to my Lurcher, aged 8 ), and has incontinence issues. At first the vet thought leaky bladder at night, and put her on Urilin.
I 'Googled' and decided to remove all kibble (even the good quality one for breakfast) from her diet. They'd both been on Forthglade for supper for several years.

The night time 'leaks' went away. I stopped the Urilin.

Recently the incontinence had returned. along with excessive drinking. Initially the vet thought kidney trouble, and did blood and urine analysis, but results showed Liver not kidney issues.

Sooooooo my roundabout first question is - What causes liver damage?

I thought feeding Forth Glade was a good healthy choice?
I have tried 'raw' but the older one wasn't convinced, and wouldn't eat it.
She recently got 'zapped' by the electric fence in my horses field, could that be enough to cause the stress to cause liver damage? (this had happened prior to the original onset too, the vet says 'just a coincidence')
(I've changed the set up so it can't happen again)

And more importantly how do I feed her to help her liver regenerate?
The vet has 'given' her 'Denamarin' a Milk Thistle' extract. His advice was to buy the 'Hills Science diet' (I've googled that too- no thanks!!)

I am really keen to help her back to health through good food, and any helpful ideas would be great.
thanks in advance

edited to add...
Neutered Bitch
age 11 years & 4 months.
Current weight 15 kgs, usual weight 15kgs
Feed 1.5 packs of Forthglade a day, for the last year, previously 1 pack with Burns kibble in am.
Not eating 'properly' at the mo, wont eat Forthglade.
Will eat home cooked meat and veg.
Occasional Nairns oat biscuits as treats.
General Health has been good, and is still keen to go for slow walks, but tires quickly.
Thanks again

Just to say Hi, and introduce myself. I live in Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor, a lovely place to walk (if one can avoid the sheep!!)

I have two lovely Lurchers, whippets with a dash of greyhound and Bedlington.
They are 11 and 8, so, like me getting 'on a bit' now.
I've been a user of 'All About Dog Food' for sometime now, and always recommending it to people.

I have a question about dog health/illness but will post in the appropriate section.

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