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Introductions / Liver disease - please need urgent help
« on: Jun 18, 2016, 09:00 »
Hello. I have just joined so I hadn't realised specialist boards were here. I have detailed my plight on the new members board, please have a look and let me have any views. I am at my wits end and time is running out fast. Thanks.

My beloved dog has Cushings Disease. It remained undiagnosed/untreated by a bad now ex vet for a year. He dismissed everything I described as "old dog". So her liver was battered unnecessarily for this time. Now terminal liver disease which is killing her. On all the supplements from holistic vets, Hepaticare, which is mainly SAMe, milk thistle, fringe bark and homoeopathic medicines. Also on small meals and digestive enzymes. Holistic vets say nil else they can add.

Tried her on recommended chicken, turkey and eggs with broccoli, carrot etc. she eats chicken but  leaves the veg. So blended chicken and veg,  resultant paste she won't eat. Has porridge like poo but normal colour. In despair one day I gave her a spare tin of Lilys Kitchen which she scoffed down. Normal poo.

So I have wondered if too much meat results in diarrhoea ie not enough fibre, as surely in the wild carnivores eat fur, gristle, digestive tract etc of their prey, not just the muscle meat.

I am also concerned re ammonia build up and so wanted to increase roughage.

I have just bought Royal Canin Hepatic dry as well as wet. Regular vet happy with this believes it will help. But there is so much reported that these companies are a rip off and poor quality etc. I am also concerned at some of ingredients. I know the original research has been disproved,  as now established dogs need high good quality protein not less.

Her LFTs are racing out of control and her post prandial bile acids were normal, but a month  later high, normal  is up to 10, hers are now 25 from 9.1 previous month.

What can anyone suggest? My dog did like the Royal Canin dried but then I read bad things about kibble etc. she has eaten some of the wet.

I am so exhausted by all the conflicting reports. She is so lively and happy, loves life, mentally razor sharp. But probably weeks to go before she uses up her liver reserves and has to be euthanised. Whilst she is elderly she still runs about, shiny coat etc. kidney function normal etc. pancreas up due to liver I am told.

Help please. Time is running out fast and I don't want to give up on her. Thanks

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