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Hi all,
 I presently feed my two Keeshonden Markus Muhle Black Angus adult (rated 4.4) which both dogs love and we are happy to feed, both dogs also have fruit, veg, cooked chicken and sardines included in there diet.
 However we are getting a new addition to our pack soon and therefore have been looking at kibble for the puppy. MM Black Angus adult can be fed from 2 months of age and comparing this to the Junior variety I can't see much of a difference in the ingredients although the instant review generator gives it a score of 4.1 and highlights corn as a ingredient which is not great.
Presuming the Junior variety is designed with growing puppies in mind I'm a bit concerned IF i was to introduce the pup straight on to the adult variety at 8 weeks old, she may not be getting everything she needs nutritionally, what do you guys think?

Hi  :)

I'm new to the forum but use the site regularly. I am owned by two adorable Keeshonden........and I'm now wondering how many people will be sitting reading this saying, eh what? 8) It's the reaction we always get.  They are also known as Dutch Barge dogs or Kees for short.  My first enlightening experience in regard to dog food was with our first GSD who had skin problems caused by a off the shelf supermarket dog food, eventually we got him sorted and back to living a full healthy happy life. A couple of years after he went over the rainbow bridge, we started our journey with our two Kees, brother and sister, they will be 2 later this month, unfortunately my baby girl is having itchy skin issue's so bad she is literally pulling her undercoat out in chunks, biting to the point where she is making herself bleed. She was previously fed on premium priced kibble which wasn't so premium in quality, but it was what the breeder had recommended, having had experience with eliminating allergens  previously and doing tons of research I switched her kibble and proceeded to eliminate allergens, now we're working on the basis at present that her problem may stem from too much protein rather than being allergen specific. So I am looking for healthy snack/treat idea's which are protein free, she is having a small amount of sweet potato with her morning meal, she is used to having a treat at lunch time  (usually a raw carrot) her kibble at 4pm and then a treat while we eat our evening meal, this used to be dried tripe, duck fillet, chicken etc but obviously trying to reduce her protein intake means these have to go...and this is where I am stuck for ideas, Training/ring treats are usually dehydrated apple,banana, strawberries which they both love.  She'd happily munch a couple of carrots a day but would this cause another set of problems long term? Should I be worrying about vitamin toxicity? How much of a good thing is too much? Any idea's, advice, guidance would be appreciated  TIA x

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