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Hi Everyone!

I have a 15 month old Cockapoo called Leo that is slightly over weight due to him being neutered and now having a slow metabolism. We also have a 17 month old Cockapoo called Bella who is also Neutered but her weight is spot on main reason being she has been nick-named Tigger as she bounces & runs everywhere .

With Leo he is on Fish4Dogs Finest adult food with fish oil as an extra, originally he was on 200g a day until I noticed he was very heavy and looked like he needed a diet, booked him into vets to get weight check and he was just over 14kg. Dropped it to 150g a day and he still hasn't lost any! he obviously plays with Bella and has walks twice a day and two big walks on the weekend, but still the same. we have now adjusted his food to 130g a day and in a slow eating bowl.

I'm hoping I am doing the right thing? as for treats which is very rare it could be half a carrot, fish twist or fish nibbles.

any advice or what are your thoughts?


Dog treats / Puppy chew... for 3 months old.
« on: Jan 23, 2017, 10:09 »
Hi guys

My 14 week old Cockapoo Leo is at his chewing stage. Nylabones he is not interested in unfortunately. He loves I've cubes and has the occasional puppy dentatube. He has had one raw hide tiny shoe that I have now binned after reading they are in short rubbish.

So I have been looking on here for dog chews. Preferably I would like to leave him to it as he enjoys chewing? I have looked at the skippers dried Fish skins and the nature instinct  beef jerry chews. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Dog foods / New puppy owner looking for advice on food.
« on: Nov 29, 2016, 16:06 »
Hi guys

I have done some reading today about dry food and raw food. I'm still unsure.... there is so much information and this is our first ever puppy called Leo.

The breed is a cockapoo  (Cockaspaniel and Toy poodle) currently he is 5 weeks old coming up for 6 so obviously still with his mother, brothers and sister. He will be weaned on to Fish4dogs food and that's what will come with him when we collect him at 8 weeks.

I am part of a cockapoo club and looking into food on there is also tough as there are so many opinions. Just wanting the best food for him and of course want him to enjoy it.

I'm nervous about going straight to a raw diet even though I know this will be full of everything he needs in nutrition.

Also it's a struggle to find a decent kibble. As in my opinion some are to high in fat, and some to high in protein? This making my decision very difficult as I'm unsure if I'm reading it correctly.

If anyone could explain in a nutshell that would be fantastic or advise a manufacturer of food. I may have ever more questions with your reply so thank you.


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