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Hello all, I'm Ellie and I have never ever written on a forum before so I apologise first off if I make a pig's ear of it! I just really need some advice on whether to keep my dog, Lottie,  on her current food or to change it. 

Info on Lottie:
Breed: Beagle x Springer Spaniel (a speagle)
Age: 6 years old
Weight: 17.5 kg
Food: Arden Grange light - 100g/morning & 100g/evening
No allergies or medical issues
Walks - 1 - 11/2 hours morning and 15-30 mins afternoon

The reason for this post is that my dog walker (I have a medical condition so can't always walk her) mentioned to me this morning that out of all of her dogs, Lottie does the most stools!  In a morning, she will do 4-5 lots! In an afternoon she'll go 1-2 times... The dog walker said that maybe Lottie wasn't getting all the nutrition out of her food/wasn't absorbing  properly and maybe I should try something else ?   Her stools are quite solid and occasionally has a hard time pushing them out...

I thought I would ask on here before I asked my vet! Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks for reading .

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