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Training and behaviour / Water during the night time
« on: Jul 11, 2017, 07:52 »
Good morning all, after some advice.

Our Golden Retriever is 3 in October, but in the last month has taken to wetting occasionally during the night, this morning I came down to a large puddle in our hallway.

His bed is in the hallway, but he has the run of most of the house ( we don't cage him). He gets at least three walks a day, the last one being at 9 PM on the lead for about 30 mins, then we put him ( and ourselves) to bed about 9:45. I get up with him around 5:45 AM for his first walk of the day.

He gets a mixture of wet and dry food twice a day, one at 7 AM then his main meal at 6 PM.

We normally leave him plenty of fresh water,  but I'm wondering if I should limit this now, or even take water away from him after his last walk, (it wasn't particularly warm last night here in the North West).

Any thoughts?

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