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I would appreciate some guidance on what sort of food to give to our 8-month old Jack Russell Terrier. He is fairly active, walking around 2 hours a day including 20 minutes of mad running.

When we got him he was on Burns puppy food, which produced firm stools but gave him terrible wind, several times a day! He did have some bouts of stomach upset on the Burns, but I always linked these up to new foods being given as treats (small bits of roast beef, roast chicken) and, occasionally, things he picked up from the floor on walks (he now knows 'leave it' and 'drop it'!) I decided to switch him from the Burns because of his wind, putting it down to the grains.

I am now feeding him Akela 80/20, as it was ranked so highly on here (and this site was recommended by our trainer). Since moving onto the Akela he has had very runny stools. I have weighed the food carefully, but think that it is just too rich, or he is sensitive to one of the several proteins it contains. He seeme to loved the taste of Akela at first but, although he eats most of his food, he now seems nonchalant about it, perhaps because it is making him feel unwell.

The vet has checked him over and he recently had extensive blood tests to check liver function etc, but he doesn't seem to have anything wrong with him. The vet suggested we put him on a 'gastrointestinal diet', but the brands she mentioned to us - Hills and Royal Canin - are ranked very low on here.

I would like to know what sort of food (type, ingredients etc) other owners would recommend he move onto as those branded for sensitive stomachs seem to be of lower quality. I am open to wet or dry food and money isn't really a concern. I am even happy to make food for him myself. I just want his stomach settled!

Thank you very much in advance.

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