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All about cat food / Incinerated kibble
« on: Dec 05, 2017, 13:12 »
I changed cat food brands to a single-protein kibble but have concerns.

The kibbles vary in colour and most of them look totally overcooked. Sometimes they are black and scorched.

Surely it can't be healthy to cook kibble with such a fierce heat?

I have used many other brands of dry food which look a healthy brown colour.. perhaps because they are cooked more gently? However as my cat suffers from allergies, I switched to this new brand because the ingredients are strictly single-protein (turkey) with no added fish oil.

There are a number of articles on the dangers of cooking at high temperatures and I would welcome opinions please.

I've attached a photo of this kibble (although I have seen it more scorched than this) and a photo of a competing brand for comparison.

My poor cat suffers terribly from allergies.. and after months of food trials, my vet suggested blood tests. They confirmed he is allergic to BEEF, LAMB, DUCK, CHICKEN, TURKEY, SALMON, WHEAT, SOYBEAN, RICE, MAIZE and MILK.
He also can't eat Hills, RC or Purina prescription foods, which either cause a skin reaction or make him vomit.
There are some cat foods online which might be worth trying, but I don't know the manufacturers.. these are OPTIMANOVA (rabbit & potato, dry food), FERINGA (rabbit, wet food) and SCHMUSY NATURE (tuna). Does anyone recommend these brands please?
I must find a healthy diet suitable for him (and his non-allergic sister!) to eat long-term.
Would be very grateful for any suggestions, I'm pretty desperate. Thank you

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