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General discussion / Food analysis/nutrients - confused
« on: Apr 14, 2021, 14:42 »
My 11 year old retriever has recently had some pre-op bloods which have thrown up a few concerning figures, leading me to assess what she is eating - cholesterol is too high for one. She is fed commercially prepared raw and I try to favour the lower fat meats - however, when I look at the Food directory and the composition and analysis, I don't fully understand the dials (dry food analysis). In most cases regardless of fat % on packet, it is showing in the dry food analysis as above average in fat. Which should I be taking notice of? I will happily switch her to different type of food - cooked or cold pressed - if that would be better for her.

I don't know whether anyone has experienced this or can shed any light.
My retriever was due to go in to have a small lump biopsy and due to her age (11) they took bloods before sedation, one marker was elevated so they sent the bloods to the lab. In the meantime I collected a urine sample, which was dilute, as was a second one - I've taken another in from her first wee this morning and am waiting for the results. She is drinking and weeing normally. The vet doesn't want to sedate until has ensured all is ok.
If the bloods came back ok for kidney then what could be cause of dilute urine? She is fed commercial raw - and I did wonder if the increased fluid in this could result in dilute urine.
Any ideas/thoughts/experiences?
Just had results from thsi morning's sample and it was still dilute, not as much as later in day ones, but the vet doesn't really know. She has said it is possibly early signs of kidney issues - and she could take 3 samples in a row if I want, to send to the lab as they might pick up protein she hasn't. Surely blood tests are more accurate than urine samples? Is there anything else this could be?

Raw feeding / ROR dog food
« on: Dec 13, 2019, 08:41 »
Anyone feeding this to their dog? It isn't on the dog food index. Our nearby pet shop has started stocking this, but I noticed it has no bone in it. I don't feed bones to our Goldie, who is an aggressive chomper and tries to swallow something as soon as she thinks she can! Too stressful watching her!

General discussion / Post operation feeding for dog
« on: Sep 15, 2019, 08:42 »
Hi, I'd welcome people's experiences/advice.
My ( year old Goldie is due to have gum epulis removed next week. I feed her commercial raw, but have read a couple of articles that suggest giving cooked/wet food post op - possible bacteria issues with raw and gum surgery? I I would probably feel easier giving her something home cooked or good quality wet food like Nature's Menu or Lily's Kitchen. I am sure the vet will give the prescription tinned - would preparing cooked chicken and rice/carrots for example be better? I am not against the vet food, just wonder if it would be too big a contrast to her usual raw. Thanks.

Dog foods / Nutriment raw - positives but weight problem
« on: May 26, 2017, 19:45 »
We switched our 7 year old golden retriever on to Nutriment about 5 months ago.  She was on Millie's Wolfheart and doing ok, but there was a lot of paw/nail nibbling, licking bottom and prone to ear issues.  Since being on Nutriment these have pretty much disappeared - however she has put on 2.5kg - we've always fed 2% and have now cut this down a bit more, but the weight is not shifting - is it ok to cut more down or should we be looking at different foods?

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