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Hello, I would just like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

My family are dog breeders in Kent. Over the years we've used so many different types and brands of dog food that I couldn't name them all but we were never fully satisfied with any. Around 2 years ago we began exploring the possibility of producing our own food and spent around a year working with a large manufacturer trying to produce a recipe that met the nutritional requirements of our dogs. For one reason or another we couldn't quite make it work. This coincided with us beginning to learn about pressed food. Pressed food is only produced in Europe and while it's still new in the UK it's very popular in countries like Germany and the Netherlands. Due to the way it's produced and how it's digested it has several advantages over regular, extruded dry food.

We contacted several manufacturers in Europe producing pressed food and our dogs sampled their foods but one company and their products stood out from the rest - Prins Petfoods. Prins started out producing pressed food over 50 years ago and are one of if not the leading Pressed food manufacturer in Europe. Prins genuinely are a family run company with 3 generations of their family actively working within the company. Prins genuinely are a family run company with 3 generations of their family actively working within the company. Their core values of quality, expertise, environment & sustainability, engagement and innovation aren't just words - all their products are 100% natural, using premium grade, sustainable ingredients and they employ a dedicated CareTeam that is on hand to answer any questions or queries regarding the suitability of their products or even just the general well-being of your pet.

Having been convinced by their food and the company, earlier this year we took the step to partner with Prins and we are very excited to now be able to offer their products in the UK.

If anybody would be interested in sampling Prins food please do get in touch and tell me a little about your pet (breed, age, activity level) and we'll happily send out a free sample of a suitable product. And of course if anybody has any questions about us, Prins or even pressed food generally please do feel free to ask.


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