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Dog foods / Guru
« on: Jul 11, 2018, 18:24 »
We we got our rescue dog with a sore move and 5 teeth left we looked at the wet food and they have done well on it (we put both our greyhounds on it).

However Kojak has been getting a sore muzzle even when it is cube, they vet has suggested we try him on dry food - even on 50% of each the skin on his muzzle has drastically improved already.

We went for the cold pressed as seems to get good reviews but it is also easy for him to get hold of, went for guru as good rating and the gentle is chicken based which has disagreed with him in the past.

He is seeming to find it a little rich, I only ordered a small bag so thought of trying the full on feast which is duck based and grain free - he has been on grain free previously

Just wondering why it is a slightly lower rating?

Dog foods / Food update/what to use now
« on: Nov 01, 2017, 22:01 »
Well we did the change onto Forthglade wet food (grain free)

Our fussy girl has eaten every single meal bar one where she left a moutful which has been unheard of she looks great/poops are good which again pretty unheard of

Our boy loves it but think loves anything  ;D he is still pretty skinny at the moment he is around 29kg and eating 2 and 1 fifths of the large trays (our girl is having 1 and four fifths of a tray)
He also has a handful of kibble at each meal (3 meals a day), if he has had a busy day he gets a little extra otherwise he is hungry
*He is being seen by a vet and having tests done to ensure nothing underlying causing the hunger/minimal weight gain*
He has been with out 4 months today and has gone from falling over toileting to walking really well and being fine toileting

The kibble at the moment was just a mix of his previous food wainwrights and barking heads needs to be well soaked as he only has 6 teeth and delicate gums

Because of this I was looking at Forthglade cold pressed  or the orijen freeze dried food (none chicken recipes as he has an issue with chicken) 

My reason for wanting to use dry as an extra as with some many people potentially feed them through the day how much 'extra' he is needing and also means we dont have multiple open trays other than a short period between breakfast and lunch (obviously in the fridge but do prefer it when fresh)

has anyone used forthglade cold pressed  or the orijen freeze dried food with a sensitive hound?

Dog foods / Dry vs Wet vs Mixed
« on: Jul 23, 2017, 23:28 »
Our new boy has to have a dry food soaked as he has 10 teeth left (4 are his canines others are dotted around)

As per the previous post we are looking at new food for both of our greys as neither are 100% on their current

Having seen him try and steal some dry he did struggle to pick it up

I have been looking at for them:

Millies Wolfheart
Natures Menu (the crunch seems very expensive for a small portion)
Pure veg mix with home cooked protein  (couldnt find the Pure veg mix in the directory so not sure on this one)
Forthglade - we have avoided any grains with our girl but think she will be ok with brown rice as we used to give her rice and fish if poorly before changing to sweet potato

Unfortunately butternut box is too expensive for us with 2 big dogs

What we are struggling with him is he is needing to pee constantly - but when look at how much liquid he gets a day it is an awful lot

But unsure if there is any benefit over feed dry over wet? (or if there is any disadvantage of a mixture if balanced correctly ) - the mix is my preference as our girl is so fussy and gets bored easily and means if we give our boy more wet we can still give him some texture

But really concerned not doing right by them if mix the wet and dry completes

Dog foods / How do you choose what to feed
« on: Jul 14, 2017, 22:41 »
Pretty stumped on how to decide what to do with our hounds food - how did you decide what to feed?

Greyhound 1 - 8 years old she has been with us 3 years
Her tummy is very sensitive she arrived being fed gain which we changed to barking heads salmon and potato with a small amount of natures menu country hunter pouch in the evening (fix the issue we where having with stools)

She picks and chooses when to eat - doesnt often eat a full meal, her weight is very good and 90% of the time her stool is good

She looses interest in food quickly what was exciting one week it won't be the next

Greyhound 2 - 8 years old  has been with us for 2 weeks
He is currently under weight and had to have 30(?!) teeth removed due to sever dental disease, it is believed under weight due to the state of his mouth, pre op bloods where on the whole clear (urea was high - we have asked our own vet to look at this as doesnt have details in the report as a high reading can be normal for greyhounds)

He is currently having what he had in the rescue while he settles:
3 meals a day of wainwrights salmon and potato with a spoon (well soaked) and a spoon of chappie

Not what we want him on ideally but never had a dog with so few teeth

There are so many options not sure where to start, think the family would prefer not using raw as we travel with them a lot

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