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We have a 15 year old border collie who has been diagnosed with liver disease.  We dont know what caused it and we cant do a biopsy to get a proper diagnosis as we were told by the vets a few years back never to let her have anesthetic again as they almost lost her last time she had an op. 

Weve decided to go down the generic route of a liver friendly diet and samylin and see how it goes.  The vet has given us royal canin but its far too expensive and we have been giving her home cooked meals but something about the recipe keeps giving her bouts of mild diarrhea (shes always been a little sensitive) so we end up switching back to royal canin.   Ive been reading loads of articles that say that these types of food arent really any better than some of the "non diet" types but im having trouble understanding which ones.

Could anyone please give me advice on any UK foods that we could look at or what type of ingredients we are looking for? (vet isnt much help and just advises we stick with royal canin).  Ive looked at the directory on this site but im not really sure what im looking for

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