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Introductions / Hi there. looking for advice
« on: Jan 23, 2018, 17:37 »
Hi there, I've been searching and struggling through this site for some time now, and thought it best to ask the collective knowledge and experience here!
We're the proud parents of a 7 month old Golden Retriever, very happy n healthy chap, but he has an obsession with eating debris- sticks, small stones, anything he can get his mouth round! We had hoped he'd grow out of it and although it has got better, he's still consuming enough for it to be clearly evident in his droppings. I'm new to dog ownership, however I've seen this problem present itself in horses (chewing wood, licking mud etc) and that turned out to be due to nutritional deficiencies which were remedied by a change of diet. So I know in theory how this could be remedied, however I'm struggling with the amount of choice available! The food he's on currently is recommended by Pets at Home as the best for his breed and age, but I'm worried it's still not doing enough for him. I understand that brand specific advice isn't generally given here, but I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction of something high in puppy nutrients for a soon-to-be large Golden Retriever!
Any advice gratefully received x

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