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We have been feeding our puppy Akela Fish Feast and she was very happy. But the last bag was completely different. Very different smell and the dog won't touch it (she is not a fussy eater, this is the first thing we have ever found that she doesn't like).

It took us a while to settle on this product and we were really happy with it, so a bit annoying to have to go through the process again.

I know a lot of these UK made premium dry foods are all made in the same factory (GA Pet Food partners Wenger TT3630 Thermal Twin extruder) so I know they will all be batch based.

My question is is this common? Do people feeding these long term find noticeable variation from batch to batch? When buying in bulk it is pretty annoying to end up with a big expensive bag you can't use, butyou also can't order trials every time the batch changes (if companies would even let you know).

I think we will try Millies next and hope that is more consistent, but wanted to ask here about the point more generally across brands - how consistent are the products from batch to batch?

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