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Dog foods / Nourish Dry Dog Food
« on: Sep 01, 2020, 17:44 »
Hi all

Just wondered if anyone has ever used or come across Nourish dry dog food before? Ingredients dont look too bad but it's not listed on All about dog food for some reason. I'm in the middle of trialing new foods for my 18 month LabXWhippet type thingy. I've just finished a bag of Angell which she liked but Nourish looks better value.

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance

Dog foods / Rottweiler Dry Food Help!!
« on: Feb 22, 2018, 18:03 »
Hi all

I am new to the site so bare with me a little 

I have recently adopted a 7 yr old Rottweiler (Buffy) from the RSPCA she has no known health issues however she is suffering a little from dry skin. She has been fed on the RSPCA dry food which I do not know much about however I would like to swap her to a better food that is going to aid her coat and skin if possible. I have looked into Fish4Dogs and Arden Grange but I am stumped as there is too much choice! I am open to new suggestions but would like to keep her on dry food if poss. Ive also been feeding her a tin of sardines in sunflower oil once a week to help which it has a little but not enough. I have purchased a furminator to brush her daily as she sheds alot!! Look forward to hearing of you all 


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