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Dog foods / dog food to feed 6 month old springer x
« on: Mar 01, 2018, 14:42 »

I have a 6 month old male springer x poodle. When i got him he had the runs quite badly. vet did some tests and he didn't have any parasites etc so it was put down to food intolerance.  We had him on bland diet - steamed chicken and this made it even worse.  hence the reason the vet suggested fish and the change in stools was instant. so we stopped feeding chicken based and switched to fish based dry brand - Fish 4 Dogs. He got a bit bored after a while and kept turning his nose up so i did some more research and decided to get natures menu country hunter tinned salmon and potatoe or venison and blueberry, which i mix into his dry and he devours it every mealtime now and still we have solid poo once or twice per day.

What i would like to know is there a better brand of dry food on the market for him that i can buy that is better than fish 4 dogs that is either fish based- grain free - no chicken either just in case this is still an issue for him.  I was told fish 4 dogs was a good brand but i note that on the reviews they don't come up as high as some of the other brands.  i am a bit stuck because there is too much to choose from and thought maybe others would be able to help. I just want him to have the best food possible, i don't mind if i have to spend a bit more, so long as he gets quality and remains healthy and happy.  Im happy to order online.

Also i am looking for training treats - again so much choice out there. he likes all the fish 4 dogs chew treats but need something smaller for training but again chicken free.


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