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I can’t seemto find how to start a new topic! So I apologise old English sheepdog is 2 years old and is happily fed on Original Origen mixed with a low calorie tinned food. The problem is there is just not enough to satisfy her but she’s prone to putting on weight....basically I need a bulker to make her bowl more full whilst keeping her weight down. I’ve been adding my other dogs dried low calorie royal canine gastrointestinal kibble that I give to my 2 old terriers but her poo is now runny and paleish.

I can’t find any food my dog likes! James Wellbeloved, Arden grange, Origen, Akala, Fish4Dogs, butternut.....a number of others......I’ve tried adding water, gravy ,heating it leaving it dry,  mixing it with each other......she’s 9 months old and generally only eats the evening meal so is eating only half of what she is supposed to. She was eating gentle but with warm water, then lost interest in that....tried gravy tried mixing with butternut (will only eat the lamb one) now.....lost interest in that! She was a good weight but has started to drop a little......

Puppyhas severe ear recommended hills z/d ultra, although a hydrolysed protein, does not support growth and joints in a large breed puppy.......fed Arden grange at the moment...not sure where to turn??.

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