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Feeding dogs with health problems / Kidney disease stage 3
« on: Oct 11, 2018, 18:34 »
Dog Health and Nutrition
Kidney disease

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 Karen Ballington
Karen Ballington
PetForums Newbie
Hi all I am new to this forum and just had the devastating news that my 13 year old dog has developed stage 3 kidney disease .I asked my vet if they could give me a diet sheet to follow but they do not have one and suggested I research the net .There is so much conflicting info out there hence this post. At the moment she is eating very little I have bought a can of Royal Canin renal for her to try but would also like to try my hand at home diets. For instance I have heard that green tripe is good for kidney disease is this true ? What other human foods can I safely give her ? She loves red fruit low fat yogurt from Asda but is this safe? She won't go anywhere near chicken at the moment although she used to love it. She also loves cornflakes but I don't know if that is bad for her .I am willing to try anything at the moment as she is barely eating anything apart from yoghurt cornflakes and Philadelphia cream cheese .All advice gratefully received

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